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A very good Caller ID Faker app for Android Phones.

Caller ID Faker Android app allows to Fake your Caller ID, Change your Voice, Record your Calls, Prank Call Videos plus a lot more. Free calls are limited to 2 mins. Premium Minutes can be purchased. Works in USA, Canada; for our International version search BluffMyCall.

Caller ID Faker Android             Caller ID Faker Android

v2.3.3 – Major server upgrade + call drop fixes
Caller ID Faker was developed for Android by BSD Telecom Inc.
Package name : net.bsdtelecom.calleridfaker.apk
File size: 574KB

Download Caller ID Faker Android v2.3.3
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Caller ID Faker is a Free Android App. You can Download Caller ID Faker from the link above or Simply use Mobile Phone Camera with Barcode reader to Download from Android Market.

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  1. i have a motorola bravo. i go tomarket and put in caller id faker. IT DONT COME UP. on my friends phone it do. my cell number is 337-304-4692 is their any way you can send me the application so i can get it for my phone

  2. Mark my words, one day an innocent person will be injured or killed because of this horrible app. It is not right.

  3. I had this free app on my already and somehow now it’s just gone. Could you please reinstall it for me

  4. I would just like my free 2 back, please put it back. You could not ask for a better app than this. Its, I LOVE IT! !

  5. I’ve had the calleridfaker free 2 minutes on my phone forever but it’s not there anymore. “Please put it back ” !

  6. every Caller ID Faker is deleted or unreachable!! wtf
    can anyone send it to me on my gmail id!!? please<

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