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Call History Plus is an advanced call tracker for Android Mobile Phones. Sort call log by type (Outgoing, Incoming, Missed), date, contact, or your custom filter. Auto track call history by saving to calendar or auto delete calls by contact or type. Long press on call groups or individual call listings to view call statistics, save to calendar, delete etc.
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Call History Plus for Android          Android Call History Plus
Advanced call history plus features:
- Track call history. Auto save to calendar.
- Call log cleaner. Auto delete calls by type and contacts
- Filter call log by type and contact
- Call log statistics and usage data
- Sort call history by outgoing, incoming, missed, contact, date groups.

All these features of Call History Plus can be applied to all calls and limited to groups of calls with the following categories:
-Call type i.e. outgoing, incoming, missed calls
-Date i.e. today, yesterday, earlier this week, last week, last month, older
-Contact or phone number if not saved in contact list
-Custom filter which allows for combinations of the first three categories listed

Call History Plus was developed for Android by Apps Beyond
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