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With Call Dock Bar you can quickly make calls to your favourite Contacts right from Homescreen on Android Mobile Phones. Place up to 4 Contacts with photo in A Widget on Homescreen.

App widget Call Dock Bar for Android

App widget Call Dock Bar for Android is a widget that allows you to make contacts on your Android homescreen, so you can make faster actions, such as sending an SMS or make a call. Very useful not only for those who have no call buttons on the device, but also for those who would like to always have on hand selected contacts. These widgets can contain not only the name but also the picture of the contact. There are two options, one touch dialing, or taking off this box, access a popup with the handsets of this contact and the option to send an SMS or email. Appearance of the program on the home screen looks very stylish group. Unfortunately, the utility is limited to only four contacts, but on the other hand, your screen should not be similar to a phone book. This widget will not work without the paid version. You can choose between one click call or a popup window to choose one of the functions like CALL, SMS or EMAIL.

  • The ONE-CLICK-CALL option will call the contact person after the click on the image icon.
  • The Popup-window option will show an activity to choose between CALL, SMS or EMAIL.
  • You can choose between different themes (13) (Blue, Green, Orange, …. )
  • Call Dock Bar2 – Use it together to manage 8 contacts.

Up to 4 contacts will be shown on the dock bar
with photo and first-name.
Call them with just one click.
Choose between different themes.
Install: Home->Widget->Call Dock Bar
*Not proved with “Normal Home” replacements.
Android 2.0 ready!
*UPD. 2.9: 7x new Themes
*UPD. 3.0: 2x new Themes

Call Dock Bar was developed for Android by AlBrAndroid
Package name :
File size: 1.23MB

Download Call Dock Bar Android v3.0
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