Call Announcer Android App Download v1.10


Announcer call is a voice caller ID for all calls and SMS messages that lets you know who is calling on your phone without seeing the display. The app provides an audible caller id for your Android phone. Using the list of Google contacts and text to speech (TTS), all incoming calls are announced alone or over your current ring tone. Have fun and be creative with the announcements.

Call Announcer Android

Call Announcer for Android is a useful app for anyone who does not want to afford to look at the display to know who is calling. With the app, you are able to know who is calling you before you take off the phone from pocket or without looking at phone screen. Besides reading the name or number of the caller incoming text messages can also be announced and Read if you want. This is particularly a handy app for you when your hands are busy on some work like driving or while your hands are dirty from working in the yard and your phone keeps on beeping. All announcements are fully customizable.

This application does not announce calls through Bluetooth devices.  Some Bluetooth devices can announce Text messages. This is a free app to download and very easy to configure. It also has a paid version but the only difference is that the paid version has no ads. It’s a great app to use on your Android device.

Note: Try the free Call Announcer app to see if it works with your device. Call Announcer was developed for Android by Codean Software

Download Call Announcer Android app v1.10
Call Announcer Android apk

Call Announcer is a Free Android App. Download Call Announcer from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.
Or, simply follow the link to download the latest version of Call Announcer for Android from Google Play.