Cal – probably the best Calendar App for Android


Make your day scheduling more efficient with the new cool app Cal – Calendar by

If you have been using the task app then you already know how awesome it would be a calendar app for android from the same developer. just released it’s beautifully designed calendar app call Cal on android. The app has been available on iOS for some time now and Android platform just got a better version of it.

Cal - best calendar app for android

Cal is simply elegant, customizable with photo themes, features fancy animation and swipe gestures. Cal is able to sync between your all existing calendar services such as Google Calendar, Exchange, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL & iCloud and organize them pretty neatly. Cal also designed to work with it’s sibling app to merge your to do lists so you don’t have to plan for same thing twice.

Scheduling events is just easy with one click and using voice command. There is also a beautifully designed widget for your home screen to know your agenda at a glance.

The app not only remember events but also allows to celebrate them through various social, contact & location integration. Schedule message to send on event time or plan a party right on the app.

The best of all Cal is free to download. So why not just give it a try and see if you enjoy the way it made scheduling easy. Download Cal – Calendar by form play store link below.

  • venkatesan.R

    I am a Android Developer.Currently I am working on Calendar with Viewpager component.I need Smooth Animation the same as Any do cal app .Currently I am displaying the current week view.When a user drag the week view it will display the whole month with smooth animation.I could n’t know how to switch from week to month view in view pager component.How to achieve this please help.