Bubble Blast 2 Android Download Game v1.0.3

Bubble Blast 2 is a funny puzzle game for Android powered device where your goal is to clear all the bubbles from the board. The game is presented in the style of a puzzle. In it you will need to destroy the balloons that will explode with a chain reaction. In other words, if one piece of the ball touches the other, it also explodes. When you touch bubble it bursts and part into four small bubbles, before the small bubbles disappear it can hit the other bubbles on the way and burst them as well! Choosing the bubble in the right position helps to collide bubbles as many as possible and destroy them all in a minimum touch. Bubble Blast is a simple yet very addictive game for  Android Mobile Phones.

Bubble Blast 2 Android game

Bubble Blast 2 Android puzzle game has two different game modes: the arcade mode, we can play to infinity, and the puzzle mode, divided into no less than ten thousand phases. The visual design of the game, quite colorful and friendly, helps keep us hooked for a long time, and invites us to play with their friendly little characters.

Every time we go up the difficulty level rises, that is, at higher levels should be popping up to three different bubbles to win. The gameplay is very simple and takes little to understand its mechanism. The difficulty, growing, helps avoid getting lost in the first levels.

Bubble Blast 2 was developed for Android by Magma Mobile
Package name : com.magmamobile.game.BubbleBlast2.apk
File size: 3.03MB

Download Bubble Blast 2 Android Game v1.0.3
Bubble Blast 2 android apk        
Update: Bubble Blast Halloween Android

Bubble Blast 2 is a Free Android App. You can Download Bubble Blast 2 from the link above or Simply use Mobile Phone Camera with Barcode reader to Download from Android Market.
Or, get the latest version of Bubble Blast 2 for Android from Play Store.