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Biochemistry Lab Suit app for Android, which will help the scientists, students and followers working in the field of mass spectrometry based proteomics, metabolomics, biochemistry, biology and chemistry but also aids in general lab work. Get peptide properties (MW, pI, charge, hydrophobicity) and fragmentation (mass spectrometry). Find organic compounds from observed mass

Android Chemistry Lab Suite

In the application you will find four tabs, the first tab called Solutions (Solutions & Buffers) where you can calculate the molecular weight of any chemical writing his notation. You can also perform calculations for inserting solutions concentration and volume. And you have the possibility to indicate the units of initial concentration and final concentration units, so avoid making mistakes in the conversion of units. Finally, a short list of solutions to their characteristics.
On the second tab, Proteins (Proteins, Peptides & Amino Acids), you can see the information in any protein entering your code directly obtaining their sequence UniProt, weight, hydrophobicity.
On the third tab, Peptide Synthesis, which provides various information on solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS).
Finally on the fourth tab, Chemicals, we have a full periodic table, a list of detergents and their characteristics (eg CMC) and a search of molecules according to their mass.

Update in Biochemistry Lab Suite v2.0:
- all known bugs fixed (please mail me if you see any!).
- added peptide fragmentation (mass spectrometry: collision induced dissociation)
- added list of common aminoacid modifications
- added direct access to protein info from UniProt
- added new style

Biochemistry Lab Suite for Android was developed by rpor
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Download Biochemistry Lab Suite Android app v2.0
Biochemistry Lab Suite android apk

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