Best Weather App for Android : Download Recast Weather and Widgets

There are many android apps available on google play store to display time and weather. Just a few of them do it in style and offer highly configurable widgets. If you are looking for Best Weather App for Android then Phase 2 Industries propose a solution that offers everything you need in terms of forecasting, utilities, time and beyond.

Best Weather App for Android

Phase 2 Industriesare known for their projects developed for large companies such as Sony, AMD or Corel. Their Android app called Recast Weather and Widgets available for $1.99 on google play store which display weather information and configurable widgets not only looks extremely well, but it is highly customizable and functional. The main screen displays the weather in a very attractive format that can be configured according to personal preferences. From the settings menu choose options for display. There are icons, interface styles, fonts, themes and backgrounds. Given the wide range options you to configure how the info should display in smallest screen area available. Like any top application, Recast Weather and Widgets detects the location to display weather and you can manually define and add others. There are templates available that you can download for every widget size.

Recast offers a number of widgets of various sizes that can be placed on the homescreen. Depending on the size, you can not only display the weather but also the time, battery status and shortcuts for wireless, bluetooth and more. Everything from icons to the background can be customized. Perhaps the most important aspect is once you placed the widget on home screen it looks great and it does the job regardless of the Android version you are running. From what developers state, app compatibility libraries have been used to make it look good even on Android 2.2 Froyo. It can also be used on compatible TVs. S promised by developer updates with new features and improvements will be provided at a rapid pace. If some of the other weather app for android available haven’t managed to impress you, then Recast is for you.