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On Oct 26, 2012
Last modified:Feb 25, 2013


What makes Any.Do is one of the Best To Do App for Android? well, it has all the features a to do list app should and it allows to sync between multiple devices and google Calendar. You should Download Now

Looking for the Best To Do App for Android ? Try AnyDo Android App to manage your To Do List.

In everyday life, it is often necessary to keep track of our extensive list of tasks using any tools available at our disposal. For those who don’t want to forget important things, like a list of purchases, it is better to write down everything and keep the list handy. A practical option apart from the traditional hand-written list of tasks is now getting a to do list app on our smartphone since most of  us own one. The question is which is the Best To Do App for Android? I’ve recently Download Any.DO To Do List | Task List. The app look gorgeous and list all of the things to remember in a beautiful way.

Any.DO Best To Do App for Android

What i most like about Any.Do app is it sync your to do list between multiple devices you own. So you can easily access them from any of your devices. Thanks to voice input and word matching suggestions as you type, it takes not much longer than scribbling with your hand on a piece of paper to write a task using Any.DO. You can easily determine priority of tasks by using drag and drop and other handy gestures. You will be able to select from a bunch of categories, like today, tomorrow, this week and later to manage your tasks. Moreover, the app also allows for tasks to be grouped in folders. Each task can be also be provided with further details and can be individually checked off as done. For this, the user simply wipes with his finger across the screen.

Things that you should not forget are quickly marked as important and on request brought back to mind by notifications. If you choose to, Any.Do can let you know by sounding a ringer when a task is pending. Each item can be set individually, when the app should report and whether the alarm is regularly or just once.

A particularly useful feature of Any.DO is the ability to exchange task lists with friends or family members. The function requires the application to be installed on all devices. Once you do so the tasks list is updated for all involved. It is also possible to synchronize all events with the Google Calendar service. Any.Do also has two different-sized widgets for your home screen to quickly be informed of all of your lists. Operation with the app is intuitive and it works thanks to a simple design kept very tidy and easily visible. The only negative aspect is that Any.Do is currently only available in English.

Pros of Any.DO for Android:

+ Beautiful, easy to use interface

+ Tasks sync between multiple devcies and Google Calendar sync

+ Gestures and widgets

Cons of Any.DO:

- Only available in English

You can Download Any.DO for Android by hitting the button in review widget below. Also don’t forget to add your comment below to let us know which app you think Best To Do App for Android.