Top Free Android Apps Download This Week


Welcome back to our weekly apps roundup for Top Free Android Apps on play store.

Folks, we know you are getting busy to get prepared for Christmas. We’ve already gathered a list of christmas apps you should be enjoying during the season. Let’s checkout the top free apps choice from recently released apps on google play store.

Motorola Active Display

Motorola Active Display, one of the significant features of Moto X, is now available for any Android smartphone. The app displays notifications such as messages, missed calls on the lock screen of your device without you having to actively turn the display on. You can then dismiss notifications or unlock the device straight to the app from Active Display. Unfortunately, the app is available to download only for devices running Android 4.4 KitKat. Download Motorola Active Display app

Google Santa Tracker

Google Santa Tracker in top free android app
Google Santa Tracker is an interesting app for Android to follow Santa on his December 24th journey as he delivers gifts to children all over the world Google Holy Tracker also comes with three fun minigames: Gumball (already available), Memory (available on December 17) and Elf Jetpack (available on Dec. 19). The choice to follow Santa Claus will be available on December 24, when the countdown ends. Download Google Santa Tracker app

Linode Manager

Linode Manager android app
Linode is a popular private provider of dedicated servers, serving users worldwide. Now, with the app Linode Manager you can monitor your Liondes from your Android devices, anytime from anywhere in the world. Linode Manager is the official app from the company that lets you configure your server and access various information from your hosting plan through a compact design and mobile-friendly controls. Download Linode Manager app

Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager app
Android Device Manager, very similar to those already offered by Apple or BlackBerry service Find my iPhone or BlackBerry Protect, lets you locate your lost devices associated with your Google account and keep your data safe from other Android devices easily without having to access the web from a browser. Download Android Device Manager app

piQ – Do You Recognize It?

piQ - Do You Recognize It Android app
PiQ – Ask With Pictures, as the name suggests, is an interesting question and answer app where you can uickly and easily ask questions with pictures. Take a picture of the object you don’t know what it is and post it to piQ with the question you want to know. Your question will then be shown on the public feed. If someone posts the answer to your question, you will get a notification. Easy to use, fun and innovative. Download piQ App


LolReader android app
Discover what is new on Imgur, iFunny, 9GAG, LOL Happens etc with LolReader. LolReader is a great tool to have a content of all sites and entertainment services in one handy application, featuring content from MemeCenter, 9gag, iFunny, Imgur and more to come soon. Download LolReader app

Cover (beta)

Cover (beta) is a brilliant Android lock screen app that replaces the standard lockscreen of your Android phone with a selection of quick-launch app icons. Cover for Android presumed to be the fastest way to access the right applications at the right time. The app is compatible with Android 4.0.3 or higher and most application launchers. This is the first public beta version of the app, so it is possible to find faults. Download Cover (beta)

We would love to hear from you guys! Please share your favorite apps in the comment section so other readers will be able to discover more hot android apps.

  • Shaifur Rahaman

    I downloaded two apps today piQ and LolReader. You described some apps above I liked just two apps and downloaded them.