Best Ten Free Apps on the Play Store this week


Another Android apps round up in searching for Best Ten Free Apps of the week.

Best Ten Free Apps on the Play Store

The way Google Play Store is evolving is nothing short of amazing. Android OS has went way ahead of the competition in certain markets and is well on the right road. In the meantime we are gathering the latest Free Apps on the Play Store in terms of apps and games worth checking out.

Let’s take a look at some of the best free apps for android this week:

Commandr for Google Now

8.2Commandr for Google Now will be a very interesting application, especially for those who use the voice assistant Google Now, and their goal is to offer the most information in the shortest time. The program adds a custom voice commands to Google Now that allows the user to include a few additional commands. You can see the weather, news, sports scores, knowing where you parked your car, next flights, enable or disable certain parts of your gadgets, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, flashlight and more. Moreover, you can give voice commands very easily.

Download Commandr (FREE)


Climatology - android app of the week

7.2Climatology is an advanced weather app created by Microsoft that allows you to know the weather conditions worldwide, useful for those who want to go on vacation to any destination in the world and wants to learn about the local climate. The app will give you the details climates anywhere in the world, giving details on temperature, rainfall, and sky. Such information is normally designed for scientists and researchers, but Microsoft has sought a way to provide this information to all public in a more simple way.

Download Climatology (FREE)

120 Sports

8.0120 Sports is a new Android app for sports fans that promise to provide a new way to experience sports games. 120 Sports is a must have app for every sports fan that Features real-time highlights, expert analysis and interactivity. The application is FREE and requires no cable authentication or subscription, and offers more than 10 hours of live programming every day.

Download 120 Sports (FREE)

Pullshot – Screenshots

Pullshot - Screenshots app for android

7.5Pullshot is a very simple app that allows you to organize and manage all the screenshots saved on your device with Android OS. With the app you can save all of your screenshots into a separate folder, eliminating the need to trawl through hundreds of photographs to locate the one you’re after. The app also gives you the possibility to send them directly to some of the compatible applications you have installed on your device, so that instead of organizing them into folders, you can send them to Dropbox, GMail, and any other compatible application.

Download Pullshot – Screenshots (FREE)

The Active Channel

8.6The Active Channel is a health & fitness TV and it has now released an app for Android users. With the app you can view exclusive video contents on muscle building, health, yoga, nutrition, fat loss, martial arts, how to get a six pack, rugby… these will surly help you to build your body and get shape. You can search for your favorites training videos, play or download them directly onto your Android mobile device for later viewing anywhere. The app requires a WiFi connection.

Download The Active Channel (FREE)

Wear Mini Launcher

Wear Mini Launcher for android smartwatch

8.7Wear Mini Launcher is the first launcher for Android smartwatch Wear and a mandatory app for those who want to see at a glance all their apps in Android Wear. Installation is simple, just have to download the application to your smartphone and open the application on your phone. Once you open the application on your phone it will be activated immediately on your watch. Once you have the application just swiping from the top left to see all of your applications. Six applications will appear in the initial screen, showing the rest will be as we go down.

Download Wear Mini Launcher (FREE)

flavourit – my cookbook

8.0Flavourit – my cookbook is an application for those who like cooking and enjoy delicious food, and who is still learning to deal with the kitchen. The service is a simulator notebook that offers recipes and dishes ready and lets you add your own creations for quick reference. If you want to share your favorite dishes with others, you can send and post them through social networks.

Download flavourit – my cookbook (FREE)

QCast Music – Party Playlists

8.4QCast Music brings shared party playlists to your Chromecast. The QCast Music app for Android is a control application for Chromecast that allows you to create playlists of songs with the help of Google Play Music. The bad thing is that the owner of the device Chromecast must be subscribed to the service Google Play Music.

QCast Music – Party Playlists (FREE)

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