Best Free Android Games You should Download This Week


Folks, how was your Android gaming last week? We are here again with this week’s Best Free Android Games.

As we committed to bring you a new list of top free android games every week, our editors kept themselves busy to find the best titles. This week’s list features a mix of RPG, Action games for android, Racing and Puzzle games for android genre.

Without further ado, here is our choices of 10 top free android games this week.

MUTANT: Metal Blood (FREE)

8.4MUTANT: Metal Blood is an RPG game with online contest in which you will embark on an adventure that takes place in the year 2100. Move your character with unique skills and high-tech weapons, through numerous battles against horrible monsters. You will go through different stages and each of them you must face a boss using all the skills you can.

Frosty The Assassin (FREE)

7.8Frosty The Assassin is a new indie game that will put you in the role of a fugitive Snowman. The main goal is to stay alive as long as possible. You have to deal with many enemies with quite a few special weapons such as dagger icicle, snowball and of course, acid yellow snow balls.

Big Bad Quiz (FREE)

8.0Big Bad Quiz is a fast, fun and furious trivia game for Android. It provides more than 150 levels of ultra fast non-stop rounds with topics covering sports; music; movies; history; celebs; and more. If you like TV quiz shows, you’ll surly like this game.

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land (FREE)

8.6Would you be prepared for the zombie apocalypse? Then download the latest free zombie game The Walking Dead No Man’s Land for Android. It brings together an RPG, strategy and management in a single title. You will have to create and manage your camp, train your group of survivors, upgrade weapons and combat walkers in tactical turn-based combat. All the decisions you make will make the difference between life and death.

Boxy The Box (FREE)

8.1Boxy the Box is an endless game, so your concern will be to control a box, moving from left to right to avoid fall down into holes. You must move a box through a grid map with obstacles and always be alert about the holes. This game promises to give long time entertainment to its players.

Beneath The Lighthouse (FREE)

8.2Beneath The Lighthouse is a puzzle game that incorporates a number of innovative mechanical to streamline further the genre. This is a 2D adventure game, in which you must help a boy to solve all sorts of challenges and explore the vast and mysterious atmosphere below a lighthouse.

Monster Trucks Unleashed (FREE)

Monster Trucks - Android Games Download This Week

7.8Many 2D racing games merely challenge the player only with bumpy terrain and ramps, however, Monster Trucks Unleashed takes the genre to another level by exploiting all the possibilities of play, from horizontal progression as opposed to the vertical. Here your goal is to control a monster truck in scenarios full of amazing and challenging obstacles.

LandFort (FREE)

8.8LandFort is a game of war and strategy where your goal is to develop your army to fight the demon Devenoth and his disciples. First, you’ll have to start fighting alone, facing battles one by one to win rewards. With them you can recruit new soldiers of different skills that will fight by your side.

The Balloons (FREE)

8.0The Balloons is an endless floater game where you will have to control balloon flights. Your goal is to climb as high as possible through levels filled with many obstacles and dangers. Aim for the stars or pop trying!

KOI – Journey of Purity (FREE)

7.4Koi – Journey Of Purity is a very relaxing and visual game for Android. In this game, your goal is to control a fish and collect water lilies while dodging all sorts of dangers. At each level of this skill game, you have to swim through a fish pond helping others and making flowers bloom in many different colors. To do this, you will investigate and find other goldfish to move them in the right direction.

Let us know if you guys liked our weekly Android Game reviews. Also, tell us if there is any title we should have added in the list above.