Best Free Android Games You should Download This Week


Folks, how was your Android gaming last week? We are here again with this week’s Best Free Android Games.

The Great Martian War

The Great Martian War andorid game
Download The Great Martian War
The Great Martian War for Android is an action packed running game in three dimensions. It takes place in the year 1913 where you are on the skin of a brave soldier who seeks to escape the attacks of some terrifying aliens have invaded Earth. To do this you must run without stopping, avoiding different obstacles that include aliens, ruins and powerful machines and spaceships while collecting rations and special items. The game features two control schemes, based on touch or move the smartphone, and you should choose one that considers appropriate lightening game.


BioGloom android game
Download BioGloom
BioGloom is a 2-D survival adventure game for Android in which you’ll help Lumen, an alien fish who need to survive in the depths of Earth’s ocean and monsters reside and Lumen’s light lure is her only hope of survival. You will have to feed the fish and escape from predators. The game provides eight levels for you to enjoy, and the adventure begins to become increasingly difficult.

Pitfall! Krave

Pitfall! Krave android game
Download Pitfall! Krave
Pitfall! Krave is a perfect dynamic runner game for android, which takes you into the world of chocolate. You need to pass six interesting worlds and find different parts of a broken idol. The main task of the game is to collect all the artifacts that broke across the area. For that you need to overcome a bunch of obstacles: Zavalin stone, underground bridges, narrow gorges, spikes, gulf, snakes, which must be destroyed using a whip. The game will challenge your reflexes, because you will need to run fast and jump, glide and evade, and you’ll finally be able to collect the idol!

Pyro Jump

Download Pyro Jump
Pyro Jump is a arcade game in which you have to play a little twinkle. Your mission is to help the little ball of fire to return to its beloved throughout the four scenarios, which total 80 native phases and over 20 extra challenges. You will need to jump from one platform to another to catch the paper princess. Collect lights that are scattered throughout the levels and unlock hidden bonus levels.

Play to Cure: Genes In Space

Download Play to Cure: Genes In Space
The Cancer Research UK team has launched a mobile game Play to Cure: Genes In Space which can assist the investigation of certain genes. This is an action game in the third person, in which you need to collect the technology to cure cancer, present in space. To help this organization, simply download the game for free in the Google Play.

Line Of Defense Tactics

Download Line Of Defense Tactics
Line Of Defense Tactics is a tactical strategy game where you will be asked to train your marine troops and bring them to the coveted status of an elite unit. Your players will fight in a variety of futuristic locations with other Marines, robots and other combat vehicles. On some levels you will have the opportunity to call for air or artillery strike.

LEGO® City My City

City My City Best Free Android Games
Download LEGO® City My City
Now you can play the newest mini games from LEGO® City My City on the go! LEGO City My City has seven mini-games in total, and the animations are as charming as you would expect from LEGO these days.

Let us know if you guys like our weekly Android Game review. Also tell us which games we should have added in the list.