The Best 10 Free Android Games on PlayStore right now ! (Weekly Round-Up)


Weekly Android Gaming recap of the best free games on playstore.

Here it goes, The perfect way to start the weekend. I’d have to say that gaming-wise, this was a pretty good week and I hope you have as much fun playing these games as I did testing them. If you’ve been reading this little introduction then thank you.

It is now time to check out Best Ten Free Android Games of the week below !

Pills4Skills (FREE)

8.6Let’s start with this week’s Best Ten Free Android Games round up with Pills4Skills is a puzzle platformer game in which you’ll have to overcome various obstacles that will challenge your sense of orientation. You will run, jump, walk the walls and control gravity – everything to get through the levels. This is a good game to spend some free time having fun.

Alpha Squadron 2 (FREE)

8.2Alpha Squadron 2 is an amazing game for the fans of space shooters. In this game, you must learn to pilot a space fighter and complete amazing quests to win the game. The game offers several goals to achieve, including reconnaissance, coping, and recovery. You have the possibility to improve your ship, both in defense and in attack, to defeat enemies more efficiently.

Cartel Kings (FREE)

8.7Cartel Kings is an exciting first-person shooting game for Android, with criminal gangs, police and a lot of exchange of fire. Here, the goal is to guide a cartel group in an explosive journey through the city, involving fire and pillage, defeating the bad guys and blowing stuff up looking for money, treasure and even bigger guns!


8.3Genisys Terminator: Revolution is the official game of the new film Terminator 5. This is an action-packed sci-fi shooter in third person that places the player in a setting with lots of action and shooting. The game puts you in the role of John Connor, and you need to escape from the prison camp Skynet to fight against the machines in this post-apocalyptic scenario. All this through a few of missions you have to overcome, with the invaluable support of the Resistance.

AlphaBetty Saga (FREE)

8.2AlphaBetty Saga is a new word game for Android in which players must build words using the letters arranged on a board. Here you will test your skills as a great player and help Professor Alpha, Betty and Barney in search of the best and new words to complete the missions of the Encyclopedia of everything. You can join letters in all directions, including diagonal and even form backward words.

Tiki Taka Soccer (FREE)

8.4Tiki taka soccer is a sensible soccer game for Android with gesture control. In this game, you’ll have to lead one of the clubs of European football and take it to the top of the standings. This game gives you the opportunity not only to play but to manage your own team and take it to the top of the table. This outstanding football game has a huge amount of content and very nice graphics to enjoy the game.

Help us curating more top quality titles by sharing your favourite games in comments. Have fun with these game till we come up with another selection.