Best Ten Free Android Games From The Play Store, Weekly Round-Up !

Here it goes, The perfect way to start the weekend. I’d have to say that gaming-wise, this was a pretty good week and I hope you have as much fun playing these games as I did testing them. If you’ve been reading this little introduction then thank you but it is now time to check out Best Ten Free Android Games of the week below !

Best Ten Free Android Games

Farts vs Zombies Demo :

farts vs zombies

Lets start with this week’s Best Ten Free Android Games list with Farts vs Zombies Android Game. The gameplay here is very similar to the Plants Vs. Zombies that you were totally thinking about when you read the name of the game. Food comes down the line, you eat it, and colored gasses come out of your posterior. You then have to target “the flatus” at the hordes of the undead. As you are reminded multiple times in images and in the game…your ass is your only weapon.


From Developer : In Farts VS Zombies you have to kill zombies with farts, you draw with the finger the path of the farts and direct them to their faces. Protect the Japanese schoolgirls from the attack of the zombies for as long as possible!

Cosmic Colony :


Gameloft has gone mad trying to cash in on these freemium games. It feels like every week they have some new city building game and I’m not really a fan but I have to admit that within these industrial games lie unsuspected hours of fun. Try this one for yourself and don’t hesitate to drop a comment to let us know what you think of Gameloft games.


From Developer : Create your own colony on a mysterious planet in a compelling space adventure! 2088 AD: For ten years, brave men and women have explored the galaxy, searching for life and colonizing worlds. A scout robot named E.A.R.L., dispatched to the distant planet Mochwoi, reported strange energy readings… and then mysteriously aborted its mission.

Stunt Car Challenge :

stunt car challenge

Brought to you by the well-known developer Hyperkani who has produced a bunch of really addictive games such as Zombie Smasher and CopterIt!. Once again, Hyperkani proves himself an excellent developer with this stunt game and its beautiful graphics and simple gameplay.


From Developer : Perform amazing stunts with a stunt car! Drive on tracks with jumps and obstacles! Do a corkscrew stunt, make flips to get achievement coins! Start playing the fun tracks right now, and challenge yourself to get three stars from all levels!

Stick Tennis :


I am not a big fan of tennis games. Well I’m not a fan of tennis at all BUT, because there is always a but, I have finally found something interesting about tennis and it’s called Stick Tennis. It’s free to play the first couple levels and then in-app purchase unlocks additional challenges. If you don’t want to pay for tennis it’s okay the first levels are fun enough !


From Developer : Easy to play yet difficult to master, Stick Tennis offers fast and fluid gameplay with realistic court surfaces and a huge range of unique player styles and characteristics. With just a simple one-fingered swipe you’ll soon be thumping crosscourt winners, yet at the core of Stick Tennis is a highly sophisticated physics engine that rewards tactical play.

Monster Paradise :


This game is a total Pokemon ripoff and surprisingly, I mean this in a good way. The monsters sometimes look exactly like some pokemons we know but who cares, this game is awesome anyways.


From Developer : Become the strongest monster trainer by collecting and fusing over 500 unique monsters! Encounter fearsome monsters, journey through distant lands, and battle friends in Monster Paradise!



Here we are again. 360 Mb later, zombies took over your city and, instead of sheltering in an underground bunker full of supplies along your college crush, you preferred to ride a car that seems ruled out from Mad Max films. Of course, zombies applauded your initiative and gathered to, well, you know, eat you. Game’s played in a 3D sand-box like map where several kinds of zombies, every one with its own modus operandi. You have to move, skid and attack them with whatever weapon you have, and here’s the best part: there are from submachine guns to flamethrowers.


From Developer : In Gears & Guts, the city’s hopes rest on you and your collection of nitro-burning, bullet-spitting, four-wheeled engines of destruction. Crush the undead beneath your tires. Tear the undead limb-from-rotten-limb with whatever military gear and experimental weapons you can bolt to your car. Power-slide a path to victory!



As usual in Glu’s games, be prepared for a 250Mb extra package to run, plus extra time to unzip it. When it’s finished, you’ll directly jump onto the fight tutorial, where you will face a huge cyclops. By huge I mean huge, suggesting that this new edition of Blood & Glory will bring more fantasy elements than its predecessor. Also new are the comic-like scenes between combats, giving a Frank Miller’s aura to the whole.


From Developer : Return to the arena and bask in the blood-hungry cheers of the crowd as you fight to become a LEGEND! The top-rated arena-combat game continues with Blood and Glory: Legend! Equip lethal weapons and epic armor in your quest to achieve blood-soaked victory!

McPixel Lite :


The game is actually very fun, at least in that it’s entertaining to see just what your character will do. While one might expect tapping on a ketchup bottle would result in you picking up the bottle, instead, our hero squirts ketchup on his face and then the island explodes. You lose! It almost feels like playing Mao, only with fewer cards and more bombs.


From Developer : Saving the day the McPixel way! McPixel is a save-the-day guy that you guide through short challenges in an oldschool point’n’click fashion.The goal in each challenge is to prevent stuff from blowing up using available tools!

Trap! :


Novices can learn the ropes in Training Mode, while experts can try their luck at Skill Mode and the rest of us mere mortals can stick with Normal Mode. There’s also a Time Challenge option. Trap!’s only shortcoming, in my book, is that you can’t build partial walls — it’s all or nothing, with none of that anchoring business.


From Developer : Capture screen area by trapping moving balls inside walls. Contains power-ups and a bonus system: Learn to score a million points in a single level!

Mystery Manor :


Mystery Mannor is a hidden objects game in which you have to find certain objects within a room, a hallway or wherever. When you find a determinate number of items, new rooms are unlocked. In these new found rooms you will find new challenges, not only in the form of new canvaswhere you have to find more items, but also new characters to be met and even some puzzles.


From Developer : A mysterious Event took place in the Manor and completely ruined the ordinary life of its inhabitants. Their deeply loved master Mister X has suddenly disappeared leaving nothing but a strange message. Only you can break the secret of the Mystery Manor. Dive into the mystery and challenge yourself with hidden objects action!

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