The Best New Free Android Games from Last Week


Checkout the Best New Free Android games from the titles on google play store last week.

Its end of the week and we know you will enjoy a good list of Best New Free Android Games. For this week we managed to gather some very hot titles, including highly addictive 3D games which will keep you playing for some while. At least until the next week when we will have some more titles to show you.

Now, here are some of the best free titles you can download this week:

Sumico - the numbers game for android

Sumico – the numbers game

Sumico is a set of mathematical puzzles in which your goal is to achieve points by performing mathematical operations. Meets the objectives required in each phase, solving simple equations, and become the King of Numbers! Also, if you like match 3 games, you can find a new and fresh challenge in Sumico.

Downlaod Sumico Here

World of Kingdoms 2 - android games of the week

World of Kingdoms 2

World of Kingdoms 2 is the continuation of the multiplayer strategy game in which your goal is to build a great medieval empire from the rise of a small town. Team it with a defense system to protect it from enemies and train your army to destroy your opponents. Expand your territory forming alliances against other players and fight against your opponents from all over the world in real time battles.

Downlaod World of Kingdoms 2 Here

Ice Cream Nomsters game for android devices

Ice Cream Nomsters

Ice Cream Nomsters is an action game in third person in which you goal is to deliver ice cream to the monster houses that are waiting for this delicious frozen dessert. Therefore, you will need to perfect the logistics to meet demand and make as many Ice Cream deliveries as possible before the time runs out.

Downlaod Ice Cream Nomsters Here

Max Gentlemen android game

Max Gentlemen

Max Gentlemen is an arcade-style simulator game of balancing a stack of hats on the heads of people and the goal is to get a top score. You can choose your own knight / maiden, collecting over 39 different sombreros and playing between devices (Android-iOS, for example).

Downlaod Max Gentlemen Here

Ice Age Adventures for android

Ice Age Adventures

Ice Age Adventures combines simulators, with puzzles and explorations in a degree in which you’ll have to explore an unknown world with Sid who will face all kinds of enemies and dangers to find his missing friends. Sid can not handle this situation alone; needs your help to explore the unknown, rescue his friends Manny and Diego and save all the animals in the herd. For this you’ll have to solve puzzles, or take a sleigh race.

Downlaod Ice Age Adventures Here

Swing Copters android game

Swing Copters

Swing Copter is the latest game from the creator of Flappy Birds. In this game the goal is simple, you need to dodge the hammers touching the screen. Therefore Copters Swing is a game with many similarities with respect to Flappy Bird, what good is it also maintains that difficulty and simplicity that make you can not stop playing and take it as a personal challenge.

Downlaod Swing Copters Here

Galaxy Legend - android games of the week

Galaxy Legend

Galaxy Legend is a role playing combat strategy game where you will have to build your own colonies in space and participate in exciting battles with your friends for domination of the galaxy. The game goes beyond the construction system and offers in shifts between fighting ships and a story full of intrigue and twists.

Downlaod Galaxy Legend Here

PAC-MAN Friends android game

PAC-MAN Friends

The company Namco Bandai has just released a new game, Pac-Man Friends, in which the game style changes from the original game but keeps the classic characters from the series. Pac-Man Friends proposes a new adventure using tilt controls in which the goal is to rescue your friends from the evil ghosts while dodging the many obstacles the stage and collect items that will grant you special powers.

Downlaod PAC-MAN Friends Here

Did you Download thr Free Android Games from our previous week list?. If not then checkout them now. Also share your favorite games in this week with others in the comments below.