The Best New Free Android Games from Last Week


Checkout the Best New Free Android games from the titles on google play store last week.

Best New Free Android Games of the week

Its end of the week and we know you will enjoy a good list of Best New Free Android Games. For this week we managed to gather some very hot titles, including highly addictive 3D games which will keep you playing for some while. At least until the next week when we will have some more titles to show you.

Now, here are some of the best free titles you can download this week:

Age of Sparta

8.6Age of Sparta is a strategy game from Gameloft that has an interesting historical touch as both units and fantastic elements, based on the Hellenic culture. Thus, it is possible to use units such as Hoplites and, of course, to get help from mythological beings that allow us to defeat enemies.

Download Age of Sparta Here

Overkill 3

8.8Overkill 3 is a shooter game for Android with beautiful graphics, but focused on casual gameplay. You’ll involve in intense street battles in the darkest cities of the future. You must be equipped with high-tech weapons in order to fight with powerful enemies.

Download Overkill 3 Here

Fishing Mania 3D

8.0Fishing Mania 3D is a realistic fishing simulation game, in which you’ll cast your line in 10 fantastic locations throughout the world, and get 46 kinds of different fish species. Prepare your equipment and get to sail to enjoy your favorite hobby. Choose from over 90 rigs available and complete 50 missions in order to become the king of fishing.

Download Fishing Mania 3D Here


7.8Heavenstrike Rivals is a multiplayer tactical RPG game where you have to compete in battles against other players around the world, all in a seamless interface for mobile. This game gives you the opportunity to embark on an epic adventure full of missions and battles, participate in events and competitions.


Day of the Viking

8.4Day of the Viking is a casual game for Android where you’ll have to save your princess and your castle from attack of the wild hordes of Vikings. Resists 80 rounds, over 10 challenges and get the 40 achievements in battles that will leave you breathless.

Download Day of the Viking Here

Son of Light

8.6Son of Light is a classic style shooter game but with a vision which leads you to sail the universe at the speed of light. Here you will face one of those memorable games where you have to go destroying all enemy ship. At the same time, you must prevent any of their missiles crash into part of the structure of yours.

Download Son of Light Here

Top Free Android Games 2014

A list of the best free android games of 2014

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire

9.0Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire is a Tower Defense game, in which you must defend your castle from attack from the sky with spells and tricks of all kinds. This is a nice game with an exciting systematic arcade that has dynamic commands by gestures and a number of different powers to unlock.

Download Magic Touch Here

The Blood Brothers 2

8.2The Blood Brothers 2 is an improved version of the first version of the game, and has several interesting features aimed at users who enjoy well-designed games with good stories.

Download The Blood Brothers 2 Here

Crime City Real Police Driver

7.5Step into the shoes of a police officer and chase bad guys by driving a patrol car. Get in police investigations and manages to catch all the criminals. With this driving simulator you can move through traffic and get to master the vehicle as a true specialist.

Download Crime City Here

Did you Download thr Free Android Games from our previous week list?. If not then checkout them now. Also share your favorite games in this week with others in the comments below.