New Free Android Games Download This week


Our favorite picks of the new free android games on playstore this week.

Here we are again with another list of top 10 latest android games which have recently arrived on the Google Play Store. We’d lots of great titles to choose from and it wasn’t easy to pick only 10. Ultimately we managed to select only the very best, as we do each week giving you reasons to love your Android device more and more.

Let’s take a look at what we have in store for you:

King of Thieves

8.6King of Thieves is a unique game that combines multiplayer (PVP) and platform game. In this game you will have to avoid traps and steal gold from other players to become the King of Thieves. The game provides 80 levels filled with traps to avoid and treasure to steal. This game is free and enough to invest a good amount of hours jumping all over the place.

Download King of Thieves here (Free)

Knights & Snails

8.4Knights & Snails is an interesting game that brings strategy, RPG and battles in one title. In it, you have to set up a brave knights team to enter a jousting tournament, the one sport in which riders to hammer a spear in the other. The game has several stages, and, along the way, you need to interact with other characters to give tips and know how to handle the game.

Download Knights & Snails here (Free)

Owen’s Odyssey

Owen’s Odyssey is a fun platform game, with graphics in retro style, in which your goal is to control a small boy dressed with propeller hat. In it you must guide Owen through a haunted castle, dodging obstacles and enemies. There are over 40 fun levels divided into three worlds.

Download Owen’s Odyssey here (Free)

LEGO® Chima: Tribe Fighters

Lego Chima: Tribe Fighters is a game that brings Warner Bros at no cost to your pocket. You have to pick a faction and deal with a series of endless hordes with your special skills. Its main mission is to get as far as possible with the chosen character by sliding your finger over the screen to move it all over the place – shooting, dodging shots and collecting resources.

Download LEGO Chima here (Free)

Highrise Word Heroes

Highrise Word Heroes is an absolutely excellent game that deserves to be played. It is a new word building game in which the exchange of words is essential to winning before a massive accident. The game provides more than 90 levels and 60 plus additional levels to complete.

Download Highrise Word Heroes here (Free)

Zombie Highway 2

Zombie Highway 2 is the second game in the series where your only goal is to kill all these undead while surviving the apocalypse through improved car loaded with weapons. There’s 10 zombie types to watch out for on the road as you drive down the highway in your car, equipped with all kinds of weapons to dispose of the undead.

Download Zombie Highway 2 here (Free)

Plums is a fast-paced arcade game where you’ll have to splash and jump your way through a beautiful landscape. Gain points and collect multipliers to reach the highest score! Compete against your social friends or just relax for a while. This game is easy to learn but hard to master!

Download Plums! here (Free)

Hunger Crunch

Hunger Crunch is an adventure game in which your goal is to combat hunger, recovering stolen food and capturing all the minions thieves. For this, you should hunt them with the help of a monster in incredible challenges.

Download Hunger Crunch here (Free)

Enjoy gaming on android. Leave your thoughts in the comment section and let us know which android games you think would be the best android games of the week.