Best Android Games Of The Week From The Play Store


Welcome back to our weekly android gaming roundup, where you will find the best Android Games Of The Week.

Every week we offer a list of best free android games that went live on play store in the previous week. We go through various gaming review site, read user reviews, install plenty games, dig in play store for new releases and find the best titles for you so it would be very easy to discover best android games of the week.

Let’s checkout this week’s best android games and download them on your device.


Skyward is really a good free game for Android with surrealistic art graphics and visual effects. This addictive arcade game will test your reflexes and patience. The game mixes puzzle game with skill and your goal is to go as far as possible to unlock new skills and challenge your friends.

Download Skyward Here (Free)


Blockadillo is an arcade game for Android, in which you’ll have to command a colorful armadillo in a frantic world and burst colorful blocks through the levels. The system, very similar to the classic Breakout, brings unique elements to update an already known formula. Explore the ruins of ancient civilizations! Complete all the levels and win the title of this intellectual!

Download Blockadillo Here (Free)

Gunslugs Free

Gunslugs Free android game
Gunslugs 2 is an arcade style fun game for Android with 8-bit graphics. In this game you’ll have to you control a soldier in an attempt to fight aliens that are invading Earth. The game features seven worlds, each with 8 levels, and a huge variety of enemies to destroy. Don’t forget that you have to face bosses at the end of each level.

Download Gunslugs Free Here (Free)


Ultraflow is a minimalist puzzle game that has nothing simple, and for those who wants to get all the skill and agility. In Ultraflow, no timer and score, you only have a limited number of bounces to complete each level. The only challenge is your smoothness.

Download ULTRAFLOW Here (Free)

Mutation Mash

Mash mutation is a game combining elements of the same type, gathering three equal to a combination. But this game has a quite different history. Here, there was a chemical accident in the laboratory and infected the forest and its inhabitants. You’ll have to save the forest by healing all the animals that were infected. The game has a number of stages for you to enjoy and in each there is a mission that must be completed before you can advance to the next stage.

Download Mutation Mash Here (Free)

Bike 3D Configurator

If you like cycling, probably you will have the bike of your dreams in your head, but can not think how to make it happen, even if on paper to show it to your friends. Luckily, there is a solution for that problem, because Bike 3D Configurator is an application that will let you design every detail of the bike of your dreams.

Download Bike 3D Configurator Here (Free)

Naughty Kitties

Naughty Kitties is a mixture of tower defense and endless runner to result in a challenge where Felino planet has been invaded by aliens, making adult cats die one by one, depending on children to ensure only the fate of the planet as main objective that the game offers.

Download Naughty Kitties Here (Free)

Fisherman – Monsters & Stuff

Fisherman – Monsters & Stuff is an arcade game in which your goal is to control a fisherman as he glides across the river looking for fish. However, many obstacles are scattered along the way, demanding full attention when guide the character.

Download Fisherman – Monsters Here (Free)

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