Best Android Games Of The Week From The Play Store

Welcome back to our weekly android gaming roundup, where you will find the best Android Games Of The Week.

Every week we offer a list of best free android games that went live on play store in the previous week. We go through various gaming review site, read user reviews, install plenty games, dig in play store for new releases and find the best titles for you so it would be very easy to discover best android games of the week.

Let’s checkout this week’s best android games and download them on your device.

Cut the Rope 2

Downlaod Cut the Rope 2
Cut The Rope 2 is the continuation of the great game that joins the spin-off Experiments and Time Travel. Cut The Rope 2 retains the same gameplay of the previous installment but comes packed with new features that make it different: levels, variety of elements, new characters and new types of screen … overall this is a more complete title and varied than its predecessor. Now the protagonist Om Nom is no longer fixed in a position where you have to give candy on each level, you will have to move around the stage. A change in the gameplay which increases the difficulty of the game.


Downlaod RunBot
Runbot is an infinite runner game, in 3D, that will surly delight you with its graphics, spectacular animations, action and combining several game modes. Like other games in the genre, you need to become a robot, run and fly through the levels that are full of obstacles and dangers. RunBot allows the protagonist to move sideways, slide down and jump. To do this we must use touch gestures that allow you to guide the robot to perform lateral movements, jumping on static objects or slipping on an electric fence, your reflections will always be tested.

Nitro Nation BETA

Nitro Nation BETA android games of the week
Downlaod Nitro Nation BETA
Nitro Nation is another free Android game in the genre of racing where you will race against other characters to see who is the one with the faster car, including performing missions for all types of rewards. Although what really matters is the gameplay, as this title is entirely dedicated to those who enjoy the drag racing style. The game provides over 50 licensed cars to choose from, with scenarios and quite detailed textures and the ability to customize your car.

Pelé: King of Football

Pelé- King of Football android game
Downlaod Pelé: King of Football
Follow the career of one of the greatest football player Pele and become a great football player. Pele: King of Football is a football game in which you are about to start your career in the world of sport, following in the footsteps of the famous King of Football. The official game of football king is now available for free on Play Store, and you can become the greatest footballer of all time. Every 20 minutes there will be a new competition, with prizes for the winners, including shirts, autographed balls and even travel.

Dead End

Downlaod Dead End
Dead End is a simple and fun racing game to kill zombies that puts you as the driver of a vehicle and you must cross the road sweeping away a pile of zombies that have invaded the city. The game stands out for its monochromatic style 2D graphics that simulate those old games in the genre, and the simplicity of its gameplay. Dead End for Android has 20 missions to overcome. Exceeded five missions give you a cassette to change the music. Drive for your life and reach the safety heaven.


Chilie - best free android games of the week
Downlaod Chilie
Chilie for Android is an original brain training/adventure game with simple animated story and funny characters in an imaginary Asia world. Get ready to rack your brain in this stylish pastel colored promenade and try to help Chilie and her guardian to achieve their goals.

Neon Commander

Downlaod Neon Commander
Neon Commander is an arcade game that puts you into the skin of Neon commander to repel an attack by a bunch of alien ships, each of which attacks differently. There are 32 levels and six boss battles, each of which are available as they defeat the former rivals. It is a very simple but with its mix of action, puzzle game and a touch of humor can provide many hours of fun.

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