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Stay close with your friends and family with the following best free social networking apps for android.

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I bet most of you does have social networking apps on your Android Phone or Tablet. But, for those who are new to Android or looking for the best free social networking apps then you should know which apps to install to enjoy the social networking advantages right on your Android Devices.

Read on to check out our list of the best free social networking Android apps.

Friendcaster for Facebook

Friendcaster - top Top social networking apps for android

If we talk about social networking sites, there could be no site more famous than Facebook. It’s a global phenomenon and almost everybody is on it. Friendcaster for Facebook is not the official Facebook app for Android, but many users choose to download it because it has better features than the official Facebook app itself. It can definitely give you the best Facebook experience on your Android device. Downlaod Friendcaster app here (Free) So, if you are stuck with a slow Facebook app, you better switch to this app or else you’ll have a horrible Facebook mobile experience.

TweetCaster for Twitter

TweetCaster for Twitter
Twitter has definitely become a vital communication network and the best way to enjoy it on your Android phone is through TweetCaster for Twitter. Boasting speed, a clean-looking interface, and numerous features, it’s the number one Twitter app for any Android device.

The app has several unique features which differentiate it from other Twitter apps. It has a Search Party feature allowing you to easily narrow down your search for tweets.And, if the tweets are too messy for you to see, it allows you to group people on a list, keeping things orderly.
Downlaod TweetCaster app here (Free)

You can also choose to speak your tweets, too. Instead of typing in your tweet, you can say your tweets out loud then the phone uses your voice as the input.


Google+ app for android

Social media is not just about famous sites like Facebook and Twitter; Google has its own way of connecting you with friends and family. Google+ is another way to keep in touch with friends while you are using your mobile device. The app allows you to upload photos and chat with friends, and uploading videos has just recently been supported.

The app has a feature where you can automatically sync your photos and they’ll be instantly uploaded to a private Google+ album. The app has really fun and handy features. You can video chat with up to 9 friends with mobile hangouts in messenger. If that’s not enough for you, the app allows you to chat with all your friends at once! Imagine that? Downlaod Google+ app here (Free)You can also check out trending topics through a “what’s hot stream”. All that, you can do on your mobile device with this app.


Foursquare android social networking apps

If you like exploring new places or if you want to know the latest buzz about freebies and discounts then you’ve got to have Foursquare pinned on your Android device. Through this app you can check out what new things your friends are up to or share your experiences about the places you’ve been to r about a certain brand of clothing that you just bought.

Through this app, you will know some of the tips and advice from experts, brands and even some of your favorite celebrities, not to mention a list of the best places you can go to. Downlaod Foursquare app here (Free)You can save money with discounts from businesses and you can also ask your friends what the best places to go to are, whether it’s a hotel, restaurant or a store. This app is probably the best guide you could have.


Snapchat app for android

Snapchat is insanely popular to teens and those who doesn’t want to save the chat history. Take photos, record videos, add text and drawings, then send them to your friends, they see it after which will be deleted from the recipients device and snapchat server. The massage will disappear forever unless the user takes a screenshot. Downlaod Snapchat app here (Free)

The self-destruct feature makes Snapchat so popular. Chat and video calling feature has been added to snapchat recently.

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