Best FREE New Android Games This Week


Welcome back to our weekly showcase of the best free android games on google play store.

We have managed to gather yet another roundup of the best free new android games available on the Play Store from this week. And I can honestly tell you these games are going to keep you busy for a good while. Well, at least until we bring you another top free android games list with the new arrivals next week.

Till then let’s enjoy these new android game titles:

Star Wars- Commander android game for free

Star Wars: Commander

Star Wars: Commander is a new strategy game for Android based on the Star Wars universe where the goal is to build your own base and get a large number of resources for battle as platoons and squads, and then start fighting battles to become the most powerful. The title allows you to control the rebels or put in command of the Empire so depending on which side you select your goals will be different. Managing the rebels have to defend freedom and justice, managing the Empire your mission is total control of the galaxy. As you move forward in history you can improve your units in order to have more chances in the battlefield.

Downlod Star Wars: Commander Here (Free)

Beach Buggy Racing - best new free android games

Beach Buggy Racing

Beach Buggy Racing is a new multiplayer racing game for Android, much like Mario Kart, where you will have to drive into an action-packed world of off-road and reach the finish line first while you are fighting against opponents with power-ups and weapons to go collecting for each race. You can compete against other people who are also connected to the game. Beach Buggy Racing features 6 game modes, 12 tracks, 9 characters, 8 upgradable cars and many micropayments.

Downlod Beach Buggy Racing Here (Free)

AntiSquad Tactics android game of the week

AntiSquad Tactics

AntiSquad Tactics is a turn-based action game for one player where you have to move your troops from the battlefield strategically to win the battles that you put ahead. Use your best tactical skills when performing the movements of your protagonist confronting enemies. You have a few characters to choose from, the most spectacular and fun. The game provides more than 30 missions to accomplish in which you will face a number of enemies.

Downlod AntiSquad Tactics Here (Free)

KittenTaxi - casual android game


Kitten Taxi is racing shooter game where you do part of a gang of bank robbers cats who are persecuted by the police. In Kitten Taxi to drive the car you must indicate the address where you want to go with just your finger, avoiding obstacles and police patrols. Additionally in Kitten Taxi you can also shoot the police simply touching the screen. As you progress the levels will be much more complicated, so will require new weapons and vehicles that are faster and more powerful. For that, you have to score as many points as possible.

Downlod KittenTaxi Here (Free)

R.G.B. game for android


R.G.B. is a unique, color matching, runner game for Android that will challenge your combination skills and perception. The one and only rule is extremely simple: swap the RED, GREEN, BLUE buddies to step on their color. Beat your own and your friends’ record on GooglePlay Leaderboards.

Downlod R.G.B. Here (Free)

Hyper Trip android game

Hyper Trip

Hyper Trip offers you a quick thinking game that wants to test your ability and your reflexes throughout the match. The idea seems simple: between neon lights and addictive music you will have to drive a little square to not bump into any walls arranged midway screen. Sounds simple, but you will realize that it is much more difficult than it might appear.

Downlod Hyper Trip Here (Free)

Octagon - the best casula game for android


The Octagon is a game with minimalist visual where you need many reflexes to guide a ball by abstract three-dimensional worlds. To be successful, you must dodge all the holes and get to the end of the phase. The game is integrated with Game Center and allows people around the world to compete in online scores, especially in “Endless mode”.

Downlod Octagon Here (Free)

All Star Quarterback - best new free android games

All Star Quarterback

All Star Quarterback is a football game that puts you in the role of a rookie quarterback. You need to walk your way from the draft league, moving to the position holder and leading your team to compete in the national title. In order to complete your task you need to train your player quite as much as the physical part in the tactical part, besides presenting skills with hands on game time.

Downlod All Star Quarterback Here (Free)

That’s all for our weekly Android Gaming suggestion for this week. Download these best new free android games and start playing right now. Check out them and let us know if you have any suggestions for next week in the comments below.