Best FREE New Android Games This Week


Welcome back to our weekly round of best free android games of the week.

We have managed to gather yet another top of the best free games available on the Play Store from this week. And I can honestly tell you these games are going to keep you busy for a good while. Well at least until we bring you another top free android games list with the new arrivals next week. Till then let’s enjoy these titles:

Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Real Steel: World Robot Boxing is a boxing game for Android created based on the popular movie. The game is about a boxing contest between robotic machines, with an amazing graphics and amazing gameplay. In Real Steel World Robot Boxing you have to control these robots, which faithfully reproduce the movements of their human masters. You also can customize the robots, getting power-ups that grant you an edge over the rounds. Download Real Steel

ARC Squadron: Redux

ARC Squadron- Redux free android game
In ARC Squadron: Redux for Android you have to fight enemies to save the galaxy. The game ARC Squadron features over 60 levels, over 20 unique environments, 15 levels of challenge, nine battles, 6 upgradable ships, 8 upgradable weapons, achievements and leaderboards. Become a pilot of the ARC Squadron, take control of a customizable fighter ship and destroy the evil empire. Download ARC Squadron: Redux

Dead Effect

Dead Effect is another FPS game full of undead with good 3D graphics that offers you end up with a zombie plague that has taken place on a space ship. The protagonist wakes up and finds all empty hibernation chambers and traces of blood. Now his mission is to survive the zombie plague and discover the source of this infection. Dead Effect features a story mode that offers 5 hours of play, 12 missions and 7 levels in the Survival mode. Download Dead Effect

Champ Man

Champ Man android game
Champ Man comes to Android powered devices with the main attraction of its fully updated databases with recent signings this season, this means among others to Bale and Neymar. In the game you will be able to train up to 400 teams from 21 different leagues, or you can choose the best eleven to train. One important thing, at the beginning you can not train any team, but you must reach a minimum level of coaching experience to train to the largest, certainly a very realistic feature. Download Champ Man

Marble Legend

Marble Legend android game
Another flip-style bubble shooter game where you will have to eliminate the colored balls as usual. To overcome the levels have to remove all balls from the box of the game, trying to exploit occasionally three or more of the same color. The dynamics are more or less the same as always (connect colored balls), and has two game modes (adventure and challenge) and a wide range of power-ups and combos. Download Marble Legend

Vampireville: castle adventure

Vampireville is an adventure game that has all the usual elements of the genre: curdling adventure in an ancient dracula style vampire castle, a story full of mystery, gloomy scenarios, hidden objects, puzzles and mini games. Keep in mind, however, that as usual with this genre titles that just downloading and the first chapter is free. Download Vampireville

Badminton: Jump Smash

A smashing great game for all types of gamers with good graphics and quite successful physics. You can choose between 32 different players from 3 different game modes: training, tournament and exhibition. Experience the ultimate mobile badminton on your Android device and it’s free. Download Badminton: Jump Smash

Disney’s Ghosts of Mistwood

Disney's Ghosts of Mistwood android free
A invention from Disney in which you will have to face the challenge of coming up with your aunt who has been kidnapped, for which you will explore the mysterious city of Mistwood and solve all the puzzles that will find, in addition to building our own mysterious mansion and decorate to your liking. Download Ghosts of Mistwood

That’s all for our Android Gaming Weekly list this week. Download these best new free android games and start playing right now. Check out them and let us know if you have any suggestions for next week in the comments below.