Best FREE New Android Games This Week


Welcome back to our weekly showcase of the best free android games on google play store.

We have managed to gather yet another roundup of the best free new android games available on the Play Store from this week. And I can honestly tell you these games are going to keep you busy for a good while. Well, at least until we bring you another top free android games list with the new arrivals next week.

Let’s enjoy these new android game titles on google playstore:


8.5SeaBeard is a great mix of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and Animal Crossing with the theme of coastal people and cute characters that both titles offer. The graphical section is also very similar to both the successful game. You embody the role of a sailor’s son who has gone in search of a wild beast and must restore the hometown called Accordia. You can do various activities like designing your own island to attract tourists, sail the seas to rescue shipwrecked, feed whales or fight monsters, buy new objects or play with your friends.

Downlod Seabeard Here (Free)

Earn to Die 2

8.6In the game Earn to Die 2, your goal is to wipe out everything that you find on your way, mainly to try to kill zombies. The title puts you in the shoes of a survivor of the usual zombie apocalypse intent to reach the east coast of the United States in order to embark last ship departing. Obviously, the road will be long, and full of dangerous enemies.

Downlod Earn to Die 2 Here (Free)

Plunder Pirates

8.3If Rovio already have copied a lot of imitations of Angry Birds, they have now turned the tables taking their own Clash of Clans, but under the name of Plunder Pirates and entering fully in an atmosphere of seas and pirates. The three-dimensional graphics are actually achieved and the atmosphere is very striking, worthy of a title Rovio.

Downlod Plunder Pirates Here (Free)

Minik run

8.2Minik Run is an endless runner game with nice graphics, spectacular scenario, dynamic gameplay, and simple controls. In this game, you are required to lead a charming character in a road filled with traps with the aim of putting a good unattainable record for other friends.

Downlod Minik run Here (Free)

Puppet Punch

8.1Punch Puppet is a free game based on arcade games where you have to hit the puppets that appear on your screen to pass the level. Once you’re done with a few enemies, you will face a boss that after beating you give way to the next stage.

Downlod Puppet Punch Here (Free)

Evil Genius Online

7.0In this game, you’ll have to embody the role of a villain who must build a den and convert it into a fortress. In addition, you give orders to your supporters and organize your excellent tactics to perpetuate evil minions. Many variants of villains are available to choose and all are capable of conducting ingenious traps that let you progress through the game. The game is set in a futuristic touch and allows you to invite our friends.

Downlod Evil Genius Here (Free)

Snake Rewind

7.3With Snake Rewind, you can enjoy the most legendary Nokia game on your Android. Snake Rewind offers new levels with new graphics, new sounds with other innovations but keeping the essence of the original game and its iconic elements.

Downlod Snake Rewind Here (Free)

That’s all to our weekly Android Gaming suggestion for this week. Download these best new free android games and start playing right now. Check out them and let us know if you have any suggestions for next week in the comments section below.