Help yourself with these best golf apps for android to become a pro golfer, track your shots and learn more techniques.

Best Free Golf Apps For Android

Golf is known to be the most calculated among sports. It measures your skill and patience. While golf tutorials are tremendously costly, making it an expensive sport or hobby, Google playstore however, has come up with numerous apps that can give you the world’s best tutorials for free.

Here are some of the best golf apps for free those are making it to the top of the list these days.

Zepp Golf (Free)

8.6/10Golf lessons while being outrageously expensive, this amazing free app can come to your rescue. Yes, accept this app as your tutor from now on, and it will correct your swings. Apart from teaching you how to make the perfect swing, this app can also compare your swings to celebrity golfers like Keegan Bradley!
Zepp Golf app has a simple interface and has numbers displayed in big fonts, making it the perfect app even for elder people. You can also record your HD videos of yourself that you can share with the world!

Golf GPS & Scorecard (Free)

8.7/10When it comes to golf range finder, and scorecard app, Golf GPS, and Scorecard stand as the best!
The app includes almost all golf courses in the world! If you are on vacation even on a stranger’s island, this app will still search the golf course for you around the corner and provide a GPS map on how to get there. For passionate golfers, this app is a blessing! While quite a few courses are not recognized by most of the Google Play Store apps, this app recognizes even them. While allowing you to keep score for the entire foursome, the app also provides graphs and statistics based on your performance that really helps to keep you sharp at the game. The best part is, the app displays speed, distance, elevation and even recommends clubs.

Golf GPS Rangefinder: Golf Pad (Free)

8.4/10When it comes to reliability and accuracy, Golf GPS Rangefinder is the one. The app is easy to use and provides a graphical interface to follow up your progress. While allowing four players to keep up the score at the same time, the app takes fewer tolls on system resources so that you can rest while playing the game. The main attraction of the app is that it contains more than 30,000 courses and more are added daily. It does not require any kind of registration; therefore you can play it as soon as installed. What more, the app is also compatible with Android Wear and even Pebble Smart watch.

The Masters Golf Tournament (Free)

8.3/10For all the news and scores about the prestigious tournaments Masters Golf tournament is the one of its kind. The app being official and licensed, authenticity and accuracy are guaranteed. You can share the thrill of the Masters Tournament even at your leisure time or workplace and stay up to date with all the information and rankings. For phones and tablets, the app has the perfect display and all the user friendliness a master app needs. The app also comes with live radio coverage and video streaming services.

V1 Golf (Free)

8.2/10Ok, this is a super app. I claim so because the intention of this app is to share all the tricks and methods of super players and get you the style. V1 Golf is all about how the pros play the game and help you to do it like one of them. Through this app, you can access over 50 swings of the world’s top players, but only two downloads are allowed in the free version. Take no worries; the rest are offered at relatively low prices. If golf is in your dreams, the app is just your magic wand. The app also has great video streaming quality, and you can as well store your own swings in the app’s online locker.

Golf might be a tough game, but these great apps are tougher. User-friendly, helpful, and not to mention cheap, you can learn golf anywhere with these apps and play it like a pro!


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