The Best Free Mobile Games for Android This Week


Our favourite picks from google playstore for the weekly android gaming roundup.

Eery week the editorial team at getandoridstuff gathered a handful number of the best free android games then we put them together in a list to guide you which new android games you should download on google playstore. Spen few minutes to check them out and we guarantee that you will discover some of the hottest new mobile games.

If you’re ready to go, here are the best Free Mobile Games on Play Store:

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team game for android
FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is the new edition of the most popular mobile soccer game that invites you to create your ultimate football team. FIFA 15 incorporates more than 10,000 players from more than 500 official teams from around the world, over 30 arenas and real championships such as the English Premier League, La Liga and the German Bundesliga. FIFA 15 UT also has a way of Quick Simulation to monitor how a game unfolds and the “Manager” mode, with which you can embody a football coach.

Download FIFA 15 Here (Free)

99 Problems

99 Problems brings a game of quick thinking where you literally need to overcome 99 challenges before winning the match. In the game you control a little square that needs to cross the stage. Tap to jump. Stay on screen and avoid blocks that appear on the screen. 99 Problems is a very, easy to play game but very addictive with which you can spend many hours having fun.

Download 99 Problems Here (Free)

Just Dance Now
Just Dance Now is a dance game that is based on the famous dance franchise Just Dance and uses the smartphone’s accelerometer to enhance the gaming experience. To play Just Dance Now you have to enter from the browser on your PC or Smart TV and match your mobile by entering a simple code. Once pairings, you will use your phone as a remote to move through menus and to dance. Call all your friends and join the dance, with more than 50 free songs for you to challenge and discover who is the best dancer.

Download Just Dance Now Here (Free)


Huerons is an addictive puzzle game for Android that is based in flat and minimalistic design philosophy. Huerons are tiny colored circles and your job it to merge them by clicking on an empty cell next to them until there is only one Hueron on the board. There can be only one

Download Huerons Here (Free)

Escape the Hellevator!

Escape the Hellevator is a macabre game with real-time 3D that allows you to experience an exciting new take on escape puzzle games, in which you play the role of a terminally ill patient who, at all stages, finds himself trapped in elevators that plummet uncontrollably. To survive, you need to explore every corner of the scenarios, collect objects and mix items to solve puzzles and escape. In the first match, a dynamic tutorial explains the basic mechanics and the control scheme.

Download Escape the Hellevator! Here (Free)


BombSquad for Android offers a really fun multiplayer experience where you’ll enjoy this original game with up to eight friends. The game provides a series of mini-games ranging from capture-the-flag to hockey, where the characters face in an arena to fight individually or in teams, in the midst of exciting challenges.

Download BombSquad Here (Free)

Asphalt Overdrive

Asphalt Overdrive is the first spinoff of the popular car racing game franchise that takes you to California in the 80s, and give the opportunity to drive real models of cars from the era, plus plenty of options for you to choose. Its primary mission is to escape from the police to get achievements and improve your progress within the history.

Download Asphalt Overdrive Here (Free)

Cardinal Quest 2

Cardinal Quest 2 - best free mobile games
Cardinal Quest 2 is a classic RPG game for Android that will put you in the situation of having to choose between 6 different characters and embark on different missions that you need to complete. Here, each chapter you will participate in a great adventure, facing monsters, finding items and getting treasures. The game has several stages for you to enjoy, as well as three difficulty levels to choose from.

Download Cardinal Quest 2 Here (Free)

Kill Shot

Kill Shot - the best free mobile games for android
Kill Shot is a first-person shooter game in which your goal is to assume the role of a covert special operations soldier ready to play his part in military attacks and dangerous silent killer missions. The game offers more than 160 missions in 12 unique maps and stunning locations that can be seen through the 3D graphics of the game.

Download Kill Shot Here (Free)

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