Best Free Games Available This Week On The Play Store With Download Links !


Jewels Legend :

jewels legend

The mission in this particular game is to win the Jewels Star in every level: match three or more identical jewels until you get to the bottom, which will make the jewel star appear. In order to finish the level, make it go down to the last line.


From Developer :
Fun and addictive hexagon Match-3 game!
A classic hexagon Match-3 game launch on Android Market.
Your mission is to win the Jewels Star. Pass the levels and try to get all stars in each level.

Song Pop :

Song pop

Song Pop is an extremely popular game that has arrived to Android ready to break records. You can access with your Facebook account or your mail, so you will be able to compete against your friends -or randomly against an unknown player from the other side of the world.


From Developer : Are you ready to rock? Listen to song clips to test your music recognition – then send challenges to your friends! Prove that you’re a true music master with Song Pop, the best FREE music app!

Sonic CD Lite :

sonic cd lite

Sonic CD was originally released in 1993 on Sega CD. This remake remains very faithful to the original while adding some technical improvements in order to enhance the gameplay. It looks exactly the same as the original game even for the animation videos. See for yourself, get the Lite version below !


From Developer : In order to put an end to Dr. Eggman’s nefarious schemes, Sonic must use the power of Little Planet to travel through time; breaking Dr. Eggman’s hold over the future by destroying his machines in the past and recovering the missing Time Stones!

Lightopus :


Here, you play as the lightopus. In fact, you are the very last adult lightopus in the vast sea. After horrible monsters from the Abyss rise up, they seal away all the lightopus egg sacks in awful, monster filled zones. It’s up to big mama lightopus to go in and free them all, eventually fighting the monsters back.


From Developer : All the Lightopuses in the Abyss were killed and their remaining young captured by the monsters of the Abyss. You are the only Lightopus alive, a species on the brink of extinction. Your mission is to rescue the young Lightopus and free them from the Abyss monsters’ sealzones.

Offroad Legends Free :


Offroad Legends works like most offroad driving games : you typically need to reach the end of a track by a certain amount of time, and the faster you get there, the more stars you earn. Stars are necessary to progress to other Cups. There’s not a whole lot wrong with Offroad Legends aside from the fact that you’ve played it all before.


From Developer : Drive the most amazing offroad vehicles in this extreme hill climbing madness! Crash the barriers and fly above bottomless chasms with Monster Trucks, 4×4 off-roaders and six wheeled Behemots!

Trial Xtreme 2 Winter :


The gameplay in Trial Xtreme 2 Winter Edition is essentially identical to the other Trial Xtreme games but it’s clear that this similarity is born of the “if it ain’t broke” state of mind. It plays smoothly with very few hang ups. You will surely enjoy it if you’re not familiar with this type of game.


From Developer : The Blockbuster off-road game is back! Nominated for the 8th International Mobile Gaming Awards in the category “Best Sports Game”! Is back!!! on Android with challenging and cold Winter Edition!

Plumber :


The purpose is to make water flowing from one tank to the system. In order to achieve it, you have to switch pipes position (just by tapping them) to make a pipe circuit. Like if you were a professional plumber, solve every puzzle as fast as possible to get high scores.


From Developer : Plumber is a free easy-to-use puzzle game with HD graphics in which your job is to prevent a flood from happening! Simply turn the different pipe pieces by touching them and connect them together to form a complete pipe.

Killer Bean Unleashed :


The game doesn’t have many levels, story mode has 8 and 4 mega levels with endless mode, but its difficult and takes a while to finish a level. The game’s good, but a few problems make it an average game which is a shame because it showed great potential.


From Developer : Become the Legend! Become Killer Bean! Killer Bean was once a member of an elite agency of assassins, until they tried to kill him. Now he’s on a mission to eliminate them all, one bullet at a time!

DOOORS – room escape game – :


DOOORS is a room escape game from Android in which you already know what you ought to do: escape from the rooms by solving the hidden mystery. You should try to open the doors and use all the items to help you do it. Some doors require intuitive actions but others need some challenging thinking, it depends on your intuition and intelligence.


From Developer : The purpose of this game is to break out of the rooms.Solve the hidden mysteries to open the door and escape from the room.

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