Best Free Dialer Apps for Android


A list of the best free Dialer Apps to download on your Android smartphone.

When making calls on your Android smartphone, do you constantly find yourself thinking, “I wish there was a better app for dialing out?” Perhaps you wish you could speed dial someone easily via a ‘speed dial’ type of feature, or you merely wish you had an app that was more pleasant to look at than your stock dialing app. Whatever your reason may be, know that there are a multitude of dialer apps available to fit your needs. And the best part about it? Some of the best dialer apps are free! Here are the best free dialer apps for your Android smartphone.

Dialer One – free smart dialer

Dialer One - free smart dialer
Download Dialer One
If you want your dialer app to feature T9 (i.e. predictive text) functionality and multilingual support, then consider Dialer One. Offering a speed dial feature and the ability to quickly send contact information to other people, Dialer One does it all. But that’s not all: Dialer One also allows you to export your calls, search calls and contacts via two different languages (again, multilingual support) and even allows you to filter by call type, group, and organization. Allowing you to make calls faster than ever, Dialer One is one of the most powerful custom dialer apps on Google Play.

Swipe Dialer Free

Swipe Dialer Free
Download Swipe Dialer
Another app that features T9 functionality, Swipe Dialer also allows you to customize the feel of the app via the many themes it features. In addition to being able to make Swipe Dialer look beautiful, Swipe Dialer also allows you to call your favorite people in landscape mode, delete one/all call logs via one quick long-press, and so much more. Swipe Dialer is one of the fastest dialer apps on Google Play, so check it out today.

Dialer +

Dialer + android app
Download Dialer+
One of the most feature-rich dialer apps out there, Dialer+ looks absolutely stunning. Featuring T9 and Gesture support, Dialer+ makes it a snap to search the names of your contacts on the fly. Allowing you to send text messages from within the app and even syncing your pictures and birthdays automatically via Facebook and/or Google+ (and yes, the app does remind you of the birthday of your Facebook/Google+ friends), Dialer+ seemingly does it all. Offering a homescreen widget and a promise of a speed dial feature coming soon, this is one of the best dialer apps out there.

And to get the most out of Dialer+ Use it with Contacts+!

RocketDial Dialer & Contacts

Download RocketDial Dialer
Last but not least, RocketDial Dialer is yet another app that uses T9 technology to allow you to search easily for your contacts. Not only that, but RocketDial Dialer also features large buttons that allow you to make calls easily and accurately. It also supports high quality photos, so your contact pictures never look blurry and always crisp. With the ability to remind you of upcoming events and birthdays in one place, RocketDial Dialer also features Gesture support that provides you with the option of handwriting within the app to search for new contacts and so much more. You can even backup and restore your contacts/call history/text messages as well. It is one of the best reviews dialer apps on Google Play, and it can be yours for the low, low price of free!

Let us know if you are happy with the default andorid dialer app or using any custom dialer app? What you think of the dialer app for andorid listed above? Does they offer more features than original one?