Best Free Android Apps From Last Week, Get Them Now !


A list of best free android apps of the week chosen by experts.

We know everybody likes to see their good applications list grow every week so we’ll make sure you never run out of new apps to try. Here is list of our favourite best android apps from last week.

HTC Sense TV

HTC Sense TV android app
Download HTC Sense TV
HTC Sense TV app allows you to control the TV in a more social way. With this application you can easily discover new movies or TV shows, view real-time programs, share reviews and check the TV guide, see what shows are coming up, get reminded when your favorite shows are on, and more, also integrates social networking. With the touch of the screen the user can navigate in the program guide, which will be classified by “favorite”, “gender” and “agenda”. Works on all HTC Android devices.

AdWords Express

Download AdWords Express
Google AdWords Express, now brings to advertisers, the power to easily create ads without having to devote much effort to it in the simplest way possible. It is a very simple system to promote quickly, without having to control many parameters that involves creating an Adwords campaign. Monitor the performance of your advertisements so far is basic Adwords Express board has improved to provide better statistics reports. You can choose where you want to display your ad, and there is also the most efficient monitoring, showing how many calls, clicks and views your ad had.

GALAXY S5 Experience

GALAXY S5 Experience android app
Download GALAXY S5 Experience
With GALAXY S5 Experience, your android becomes a Samsung Galaxy S5 as if by magic. Galaxy S5 experience is an Android app that allows you to experience the new features of Samsung’s new flagship smartphone on an existing one. The app allows you to know the camera operation, download speed, heart sensor, the interaction of smartwatches options and even resistance to dust and water, before having the device in hand. Samsung Galaxy S5 Experience works on smartphones running Android 4.0 or higher, with a screen resolution of at least 480 x 800 pixels, 1GB of RAM and a 1GHz processor, and is available free.


Download Readly
Readly is a reading service via streaming that allows you fast and easy access to all your favourite magazines, wherever and whenever you want to read. Readly focuses on having a catalog of periodicals, mostly magazines in one single app. Although Readly requires a £9.99-per-month subscription to access, you can sign up now to enjoy unlimited magazines for free on a two-week trial.

uPod light – Podcast player

uPod light – Podcast player
Download uPod light – Podcast player
upod light is a podcast player that allows you to sign the publishing of audio files over the Internet via an RSS feed. Now you can track weekly programs, with the possibility of automatic download. With upod light, you can make syncing devices, through your Google account, search for popular podcasts (including Brazilian), to playback via streaming or downloading the file, and much more.

A Better Camera

A Better Camera for android
Download A Better Camera
A Better Camera for Android is a full featured camera application worth trying if you’re bored of the native camera on your Android. The app features some great options such as night mode, HDR, deleting objects, group shot, and panorama photography sequences that will give a new experience of using your Android camera. You can also access functions like a macro mode and continuous images, all in addition to the usual options of timer, front camera and exposure controls.

Minuum Keyboard Free

Minuum keyboard android apk beta sign up
Download Minuum Keyboard Free
This is the FREE version of the keyboard app Minuum Keyboard for Android that can be used as evidence for 30 days. This smaller keyboard lets you do more with your screen space. The main characteristic of the app is that it allows a single slide with two fingers shrink the keyboard to be reduced to a line with the numbers and symbols keyboard and one for the letters, in which will need only to press near his position to write a word.

Cast Store for Chromecast

Cast Store for Chromecast
Download Cast Store for Chromecast
Cast Store for Chromecast catalogs all the new Chromecast apps hitting the Play Store. It’s not an app store in itself, just a series of links to new and popular Chromecast tools. The apps are broken up by category, and you can select your favorites for easy retrieval. Cast Store is free with advertising.

We know you’ve already downloading the apps listed above. Let’s take a few moments to share your favourite new android apps in the comments section below and also don’t forget to share this list with your social buddies.

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    I already use Glass Board application it is a wonderful app by its features.