6 best free money management apps for Android

Last Updated On: June 17th, 2017

A list of the best free Android money management apps that will help to control expenses and make budget on Android.

best money management apps for android phones

There is a whole host of apps designed to help you keep track of expenses and income and control what you do with your money.

The personal finance apps can become your best ally for this task, helping to save money and, above all, make more time for ourselves. Here are some of the most successful free finance manager apps to control expense, make a proper budget and save money.

The best money management apps for free that also works as best budget app

Expense manager

EasyMoney- Expense Manager app for Android

Expense manager is one of the best and most popular money management apps available in the market that lets you take your income/expense to detail quickly and easily. It is a simple, but very useful application to manage your financial costs. Moreover, the app also allow you to visualize your money in different periods of time, such as month, week or even days. So you can carry all your expenses in detail without miss anything through a simple interface provided by the app that opens up a detailed cost book.


EasyMoney- Money management app for Android

The powerful processor for personal finance with which you can manage your financial issues from anywhere. With its simple interface you can manage costs, plan budgets, combine a checkbook register, set invoice reminder and control your expenditure. We can say that with this app you will be able to bring up all your bills and expenses and have them always at hand on your phone.



Another best free expense management app that that lets you records all your expense each day. With its user-friendly interface, you can see your spending by day, week or month. You can even analyze a graph to determine how you spend your money most. You can see the graphs of your cash flow and create budgets to watch spending and manage your income well. The app even lets you export the information in HTML or Excel for print or save.



It is a solution designed for business people and for those who wish to keep a detailed record of all expenses and bills comfortably. With this application, user can combine personal expenses with corporate expenses in order to present bills and recover expenses. With Expensify it is easy to import credit cards or bank accounts and go applying expenses that are held throughout the day.

Money Lover

Android Money Lover

Manage your personal finances with its colorful, simple and easy to use interface. Money Lover is a personal money manager app for Android device that allows you to add expenses and gains editable categories, organizing the flow of money. The app has a tool called “debt management” that allows you to record debtors and creditors and automatic alerts dates by using the phonebook data.

ToshI Finance

ToshI Finance app for android

This app lets you organize your expenses and revenues quickly. Here you must choose the type of change and make a personal account manage your budget and go driving your expenses daily. It is divided into different sections where you will find the possibility to record all expenses. Toshl allows you to export your reports into PDF, Excel, GDocs and CSV files.

This article focuses on best free Android finance apps. Let us know if you have any other choice of free money apps which you use to track expenses on Android. And let your friends know about these money control apps through popular social networks. Good luck.

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