Best Free Android Games of the Week, Get Them Now !


Here is the best of Android gaming that you might have missed this week.

Welcome back to another andorid gaming round up. We are back with our weekly top picks of andorid games, chosen from the recent releases on google play store. You can download them from play store by following the link in every game listed below.

Let’s checkout and download the following Best Free Android Games of the Week.

Run Blob Run

Download Run Blob Run
Run Blob Run is an infinite runner game for your Android powered devices that mixes the color matching mechanic of fly wrench with the running and jumping of canabalt. The protagonist of the game has escaped from the lab and he is on the run. As like other games in this genre your job is to help the mill blob, who’s been infused with color changing abilities, to change his color by jumping up and down while trying to avoid the lasers.

God of Light

Download God of Light
God of Light is an addictive and charming puzzle where the goal is to make the light beams reach their destination using a mixture of mirrors, prisms, black holes and other useful objects that happen and will transform the rays of light ‘around the game board and the “Source of Life. ” Help a little divine creature to save the world from impending darkness.

The Jumping Squirrel

Download The Jumping Squirrel
A squirrel, lots of trees and insane challenges for hardcore gamers. The Jumping Squirrel is a casual game of fast reflexes on the style of Flappy Birds, but here you will have to play with squirrel instead of a bird, and the landscape becomes a clearing in a forest. The mission is to skip all trunks and traveling the longest distance possible. The Jumping Squirrel has everything necessary for you to test your reflexes and skill.

Save the Furries

Download Save the Furries
Save these cute green creatures in his travels through dangerous planets touching and sliding objects to create a safe path to the exit. Save The Furries is a colorful 3D physics game in which you will have to save these adorable aliens and guide them to the exit. You will have to tap and swipe pinballs, ropes, crates, logs, carts, fans, switches, and all kinds of other items to help create a safe path to the exit.

Pulser Free

Download Pulser Free
The Pulser Free for Android is a game of quick thinking with a completely abstract, hallucinatory proposal. In all scenarios, the goal is to shoot with a laser to complete syllable words move around the map before they get to your base, which is represented by a red hexagon. You need to be quick, as there are often a few seconds to hit the sequences that do not always make consistent items.


Deadlings - Best Free Android Games of the Week
Download Deadlings
A humorous game that will test your skill and reflexes. Deadlings for Android is a platform game, but you also find elements of strategy when carrying out your mission. Create a whole army of zombies to control the world and make some friends. You find traps and puzzle that must be solved to move forward and achieve your goal.

So what is your favourite andorid game this week? Share your top picks of andorid games in the comments section below. You should also browse through our Android Games of the Week section for more top free android games.

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    A lot of the games on this list are indeed fun to play! Thanks for the recommendations 🙂

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