A list of the Best Free File Management App For Android.

Due to the power of our Android devices, we have the ability to use a ton of files during our day-to-day activities. Whether you want to read a recently downloaded Word document or you want to watch a PowerPoint from your device, it quickly becomes apparent that you need file managers to allow you to find these files and view them whenever you wish. Luckily, Android has a variety of file management apps to choose from, and the ones below are the best on the world’s most popular mobile OS.

File Manager

Android File Manager app free
Download File Manager by Gira.me (Free)
When using File Manager for the first time, one thing becomes quickly apparent: this app looks clean and stunning. With amazing looks comes an easy-to-use UI as well, as File Manager makes it easy for uses to browse, find, move, and even compress their files for use on their Android device. Allowing you to also explore your primary and even secondary SD cards in addition to sporting an application manager that will allow users to organize their apps and games, File Manager is a powerful app you need to own.

Root Browser

Root Browser for android
Download Root Browser (Free)
Arguably the best file manager for users that have their Android device rooted, Root Browser allows you to explore every single file stored in your Android device. From exploring apk, zip, jar, and rar files to changing file permissions/ownership to even being able to execute sript files and beyond, Root Browser is the app for the user that wants to be able to view and manage any file on their Android device. Be warned though: this app is for advanced users only!

File Expert with Clouds

Download File Expert (Free)/Download File Expert HD (Free)
Want to have the added power of managing the files on your favorite cloud storage services as well? Then File Expert is for you! The app comes in two flavors: ordinary File Expert for your mobile phone and File Expert HD for your tablet. Yet, the main thing you need to keep in mind about these two apps is this: both have a beautiful UI that makes it easy for anyone to manage their files in no time. With the ability to access FTP, SFTP, and FTPS servers in addition to being able to send files via Bluetooth, WiFi, and NFC, File Expert/File Expert HD makes it simple to manage your files – even if they are on the cloud!

ES File Explorer File Manager

ES File Explorer File Manager
ES File Explorer File Manager is actually a few apps in one. Acting as a file manager, app manager, task killer, cloud storage client, download manager, FTP client, and even a LAN Samba client, ES File Explorer File Manager allows users to manage their files and then some. Allowing users to control their files as they would on an ordinary desktop/laptop by way of creating shortcuts, hiding, sending/sharing files, copying, pasting, and so much more, users can take complete control of their daily files on their Android device with ES File Explorer File Manager!

Any of the andorid file manager described above does it’s job quite efficiently. But we still would love to hear about your favourite andorid file explorer in the comment section below.

  • IdoloLennon

    Thank u a lot. I would like wich one allows to change file extension. File Manager can do that but only over the internal storage.