5 best Free Calendar Widget App for Android


Use a great calendar widget for android to plan your day and view events at a glance.

If you are a person who enjoys wearing his/her life with some degree of organization, it is essential that you organize your time, and to organize the time needed to schedule. If you are a user of Android smartphone or tablet devices and one of those people with thousands of dates to remember, many social activities and appointments left and right, here we present a list of best free calendar apps for Android. With these android calendar widget apps you can schedule and organize your day’s activities in a more easy and complete way.

Here are the top 5 free android calendar apps and widgets for you to replace the default Google calendar in Android.

Cal - Calendar Google/Exchange widget for android

Cal – Calendar Google/Exchange

Cal is a simple and minimalistic calendar with a beautiful design, minimalist presentation and full integration with Any.do if you use it. It can be integrated with Google calendar and Exchange, allows you to keep a diary and other personal business without creating a mess in your life. Cal also has an option for voice dictation, and notifications with the sounds you want. You can also add a beautiful widget to your desktop to review the calendar without having to open the app. It certainly is a great option with a really easy to use interface.

Download Cal Here (Free)

Sunrise Calendar widget for android

Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise Calendar is one of the best free Android calendar apps with a beautiful interface that can completely replace your Google calendar. Sunrise Calendar widget is complete and its fully compliant functions quickly notify you when an important date, an interview, a birthday, among other similar events is about. You can also import your Google calendars, Facebook events and birthdays of all your friends. Sunrise is also compatible with other services like Songkick, Evernote, Tripit, Github and Asana.

Download Sunrise Calendar Here (Free)

Event Flow Calendar Widget for android

Event Flow Calendar Widget

Event Flow Calendar Widget is a beautiful calendar application for your Android device that works just like a widget on your desktop. It’s a great choice if you’re happy with Google Calendar and do not want to install another application, runs from the desktop and is sufficient to manage all tasks and Google Calendar events. These widgets are far more complete and customizable than the Google Calendar in addition to look great. Event Flow allows you to add new records to the activities of your schedule and has a tool to check weather forecasts, which allows you to have 2 widgets in 1 and save space on your desktop.

Download Event Flow Widget Here (Free)

aCalendar - Android Calendar widget app

aCalendar – Android Calendar

aCalendar – Android Calendar is one of the best featured calendar app for android. The app is available to download for free, but users can get more features by purchasing the premium version for $3.99. The free version of the app offers good looking widgets and few other useful features that you won’t find on other calendar app. The premium version adds a dozen of extra features.

Download aCalendar Here (Free)

Agenda Widget for Android

Agenda Widget

Agenda Widget for Android is able to show the time, date and details of events in your calendar on the main screen of your device. This widget provides various sizes, allowing you to adjust the size, and also has the ability to customize, including color, size and text options. It comes with various preset themes and has 3 display modes (inline, icon and date row).

Download Agenda Widget Here (Free)

Do you use any of these or do you use one that you find most comprehensive? If so, share your preffered Android calendar app with others in comments.


The Best Free Calendar Apps For Android