10 Fresh Android Apps you should Download this week


A list of 10 fresh android apps to get more out of your devices.

Going back to work after weekend is one of the worst feelings of all time. As I’ll have to go through this with you this monday I thought, why not cheer everyone up with a bunch of new awesome android apps to download ?

Well, folks, here are the Top Android apps of the week :

Greyhound Lines app for android

Greyhound Lines

Greyhound Lines is an intercity bus carrier, serving over 3,800 destinations across the United States, and Canada. Geryhound Lines Android app is promised to put the booking experience in the palm of your hand. The app provides all the features of the official Greyhound Lines website. Through the app you can search schedules, book a trip, access Road Rewards, discounts, find your terminal location and more.

Download Greyhound Lines Here (Free)

HTC File Manager app for android devices

HTC File Manager

With HTC File Manager app you can easily browse files on your Android smartphone, memory card and USB storage. You can create folders, rename, copy, move and manage your files efficiently.

Download HTC File Manager Here (Free)

Disney Movies Anywhere android app

Disney Movies Anywhere

The app Disney Movies Anywhere lets you enjoy Disney, Pixar and Marvel movies anywhere anytime. Disney Movies Anywhere provides a catalog of over 400 titles, from classic animations, movies Pixar and the productions of Marvel heroes. It’s free — no subscription needed. The app also includes additional features such as support Chromecast, chapter search, and access to exclusive content.

Download Disney Movies Anywhere Here (Free)

Circle for Bitcoin android app

Circle for Bitcoin

Circle is a secure Bitcion wallet for Android. The application stores your coins and lets you make payments, submit and request money, convert funds between dollar and bitcoin. After installation you need to create an account, which takes just a few minutes, then just register your bank and buy funds for your Wallet. Other users of Bitcoin may also send you coins, just as you can make deposits.

Download Circle for Bitcoin Here (Free)

NOOK Audiobooks for android

NOOK Audiobooks

Nook Audiobooks brings thousands of bestselling audio books for you to listen on your Android device. The app offers everything from the latest literary blockbusters to engaging romance reads, mystery books, and family favorites. You can get FREE samples of most audiobooks to listen.

Download NOOK Audiobooks Here (Free)

RE camera app for android


HTC RE allows you to control your RE camera remotely with your phone. The app serves as both a content browser and live viewfinder, mirroring what the camera is seeing. First you have to pair your Android phone with your RE Camera device. After pairing, launch the app and you’ll see all of your photos and videos are available on your phone. From the app, you can share your favorite photos and videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and via email.

Download RE Here (Free)

Microsoft Health app for android devices

Microsoft Health

Microsoft Health allows you to connect with Microsoft Band. Microsoft Health is a multi-platform cloud-based system that aims to collect and process all the data related to physical activity. Through this bracelet and its companion app, you can achieve wellness goals by tracking your heart rate, steps, calorie burn, and sleep quality.

Download Microsoft Health Here (Free)

ASUS ZenWatch Manager for android smartphone

ASUS ZenWatch Manager

ASUS ZenWatch Manager is a companion app to your ASUS ZenWatch. The app provides advanced smartphone integration and extended functionality, enabling you to get the most out of your wearable device.

Download Here (Free)

Squawkin app for android


Squawkin is powerful real-time messaging app that can send multiple file formats simultaneously, as well of having several privacy and security tools. Squawkin has some main unique features such as the ability to send audio, text, pictures and location at a time, with an extra powerful options for privacy.

Download Squawkin Here (Free)

Like the list of 10 fresh android apps? You are humbly requested to share your discovery of fresh apps in the comments form below. Thanks!