Download the best Free Android apps Picks of The Week


Here we are again with the weekly Best Free Android apps picks from Google Play Store.

Finding the best free applications on google playstore has become a very hard task as every day thousand of new apps make their way to the android market. At getandroidstuff, our job to find the best of them while you are busy with your daily routine. So, when you get back to home, ready to relax and grab your smartphone to see whats new to explore, we’re also prepared with the list of top quality apps.

This week we have collected some very handy apps such as AppComparison, AppBlock and more..

Launchify- Quick App Shortcuts (FREE)

Launchify- Quick App Shortcuts

8.5Well, this is not another launcher for android devices. We’ve got plenty of them. Launchify will enhance the user experinece of your current launcher. The app will learn your app using habit at differnt times and locations to create a shortcut bar that shows a list of apps you may open next. You can easily reach the shortcut bar from lockscreen or notification menu.

AppComparison (FREE)

AppComparison android app

7.5Somehow if you are having a thought to move with a new windows phone then you should first check if your favourite applications are avilable on that platform. AppComparison can do the job very quickly by matahing your most used apps with the apps avialable on windows store.

Denarri (FREE)

Denarri - Shopping Made Smarter

8.0If you are passionately fond of electronics and often buys cool gadget then Denarri is a must have app. This is a digital shopping asisitant that memorise your preferneces of things you buy and as you search for products the app will automatically filter the price range, brands and other conditons you prefered. You will also get notified of products that matched your interst.

Snap – Widget drawer (FREE)

7.8The widgets on android homescreen is already good enough to have your most used apps at fingertips. But what about if you are able to add app widgets in the notification menu so you can quickly access them in just a matter of pulling down the status bar.

AppBlock – Stay Focused (FREE)

AppBlock android app

9.0Social media apps kept us closed to friends and family but at times they could be very disturbing. So, we wish to make an schedule according to work hours and other important times when these apps should goes to sleep automatically and wake up themselvs after the given duration. yeah, AppBlock – Stay Focused exactly does that. You can temporarily blocks any app for a pre set time duration.

Internet Radio – PlayTime (FREE)

8.2There are many radio streaming apps avilable on playstore including some big name. But PlayTime comes with a great feature that allows to search for a specific song or talk show that currently playing on a live radio station. Along with other standard features the app also comes with a reccomendation engine that suggest stations based on your listening habit.

Pool – Photo Sharing Assistant (FREE)

Pool-photo sharing app for android

8.2This photo sharing app comes from the famous online file sharing company MediaFire. Basically it is a kind of photo messaging app that organizes all your event photos and let you share them with your contacts.

Already downloaded these free Android Apps? Let us know your thoughts on them. Found another apps that should be on the list? Share them in the discussion form below.

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    That fingerprint app is a complete scam. It doesnt work and bombards you with ads

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