Best Free Android apps download Pick for The Week


Here we go again with weekly Best Free Android apps download in searching of Top Android Apps in Google Play Store.

Checkout below Top Free Android Apps for this week : Nice Weather, Vintique, Fingerprint Lock Screen and more..

Nice Weather

Nice Weather free android app
Nice Weather is one of the most beautiful, minimalist, intuitive and user-friendly weather application for Android that provides almost the accurate weather forecast for the next five days. The weather is displayed as an icon on the screen. Followed by 3 basic weather parameters, wind, temperature and precipitation. The temperature curve showing the minimum and maximum temperature in the displayed time period and shaded area gives an idea about the level of rainfall in the same time slot. Download Nice Weather


Vintique for android
Vintique is an image editor that helps us to create stunning photos by applying effects and color filters to your photos, and offers some quick customizations. Vintique is special, to complement you can select one of the 32 photographic filters, and the photos you share on the social networks and use them to your profile. Download Vintique

Fingerprint Lock Screen

Fingerprint Lock Screen app for android
For all Android users who want to enjoy the screen lock application just like the one in iPhone 5S. You can lock your screen and use your fingerprint to unlock your screen. Get the best fingerprint lock app that actually works as a lock screen for your Android device and fool your friends that your phone has capabilities fingerprint scanning. The app also has 6 different themes to chose from. Download Fingerprint Lock Screen

Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop

Splashtop 2 – Remote Desktop allows you to access to the entire contents of your PC or laptop directly from your Android powered device from anywhere and at anytime! You can do almost everything within reach from your Android terminal screen such as Office documents, full browser with Flash and Java support, play video games, Facebook games and more. This is a very interesting app for simple access to a remote computer, a new way to experience. Download Splashtop 2

Transit App

The application provides users with a report on the nearest public transport indicating its location and how to reach them. The app works in 43 cities including NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington DC, Boston and Philadelphia. Download Transit App

WiFi Mouse

With WiFi Mouse you can turn your Android device into a trackpad laptop via WiFi network and can control your PC or Mac with the mouse and virtual keyboard offered. Definitely a very interesting, safe and useful application for your Android powered devices. Download WiFi Mouse

Also checkout some old free Android Apps worth installing on your device. Personal Finance

mint for android

There’s a lot of great information right at your fingertips with Mint, and since this is a relatively new app, I’m sure we’ll only see improvements moving forward. While it could use the addition of some big missing features like adjusting budgets, I know a lot of time went into this — especially the design, which breaks from the sterotype that Android apps are not as well designed as some other mobile OS apps. Download Finance



Even though I experienced two slight hitches in the playback part of the app, overall it proved to be a very solid contender to entrust with your video collection. A good reason to get this app, it has just been updated with pop-up video play ! For anybody looking for an app that plays back videos well, with an easy-to-use interface and playlist support: check it out ! Download MoboPlayer


Definitely it worth to put in our weekly best free android apps download list. AirDroid allows you to manager your phone from a web browser. This app has really impressed me due to its simplicity and good-looking interface. It works this way: when you run the app in your device it generates an URL (FTP-like) and a password. You just need to go to that URL and login with that password. See for yourself ! Checkout also some great tool for taking screenshot on Android. Download AirDroid

Already downloaded these free Android Apps? Let us know your thought. Also recommend your favorite android apps of the week in the comment section below. Cheers!

  • Barb D

    the link for Finger Print is wrong

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    the link to fingerprint lock screen takes you to vintique on the play store.

    • Shariar

      link updated

  • Lourens

    Download Splashtop 2 link is wrong

  • Dan

    That fingerprint app is a complete scam. It doesnt work and bombards you with ads