Light your way with the best free flashlight app for android


Make the most out of your Android smartphone in daily life, getting business work done to entertainment, camera to flashlight! Yes, torch! Check out the review of best flashlight app for android.

Let the Free Flashlight app for Android from Apalon guide you where you want to go. From finding something you dropped on the floor, late night reading, to finding your way on a dark track, Flashlight will help you out of the darkest places.

The Flashlight app for Android offers more than just light. With 9 different flashing frequencies, this simple app could ward-off possible attacker and could be a life-saver. With a tap of a button, Flashlight will switch on or off just like a real torch. The app also supports strobe/blinking mode, and you have the choice to adjust the blinking frequency.

Flashlight (Free)

best free flashlight app for android

The Flashlight app may deem useful in addition to your phone’s torch function though I must say that you should be mindful when you install it on your device. The app requests your permission to allow it to take pictures and record videos. Intrusive? Nah, you have the choice to deny or allow it, so it is still under your control.

Tested on Motorola Nexus 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo

Flashlight Android app Features:

  • 9 different flashing frequencies
  • Built-in SOS flashlight signal
  • Modern Material Design
  • Screen light mode for devices without LED flash

According to the developer’s description of the Flashlight app, it features a 3 stunning color screen modes, though, with the two android devices that I used to try the app, the only change I noticed was the frequency of flashing and the change in color of the on/off button for the app. The zero flash frequency button or plain still-light is blue, and yellow for 1 to 9, SOS on/off button is purplish red. As far as performance is concerned, the app could easily pass on as a regular flashlight. Plus, it has an SOS signal which will make your phone attract attention as it flashes on a distress-like signal.

What Apalon could add to the current Flashlight app:

  • A pre-set message to send to a chosen receiver in case of a distress situation. The app could be set to send a message e.g., “Help!”, “I’m lost.”, “I am being followed.”, Along with the location of the device to increase the effectiveness of the SOS option of the app. Also, an option to add a sound to catch the attention of rescuers or people could be added, too. These add-ons will make the app more essential and handy as it will be more useful during emergency situation.
  • An option to adjust screen light which can easily be customized and controlled.
  • An option to choose between screen and Led flash as the Flashlight.
  • Some choice of screen colors could be fun.

Keep in mind:

As with other apps, prolonged or extended use of Apalon’s Flashlight app may result in faster battery drain.


The Flashlight app could be your guide when you are biking, and it gets dark, light to guide your steps on a hallway and your way to signal and call for help when needed. These are just some of the numerous advantage of installing the Flashlight app in addition to the flashlight pre-installed on your smartphone.

The flashing frequencies add advantage in addition to the SOS option. The ads could be a little disturbing though they appear at the bottom of your screen.

App notifications (to rate the Flashlight app) and ads for some apps developed by Apalon could just pop-up on the middle of your device’s screen, right on top of the on/off button of the Flashlight app. It’s annoying at some point as you might make a mistake of pressing the ad when you intend to press the on/off button. Other than that, the Flashlight app works well, and it is still an excellent addition to your smartphone’s pre-installed flashlight.