Best battery saver for android – Battery Time Saver & Optimizer


Extend your android’s battery power to make your battery last longer with Best battery saver for android – Battery Time app.

Best battery saver for android - Battery time

We all have been to that stroppy second when our phone decides on to go off between conversations. I think all the smart phone users are acquainted with the troubles of getting their phone battery diminished in hours. But fortunately, there are numbers of battery saving apps on the market.

If you are looking for a way to improve your battery life, you should go through this review. I’m going to guide you with all the information you need to pick the best power saving app that will suit you.

Things to consider before choosing the Best battery saver for android:

Features with Extended battery time

The main feature, any of the battery saving app must ensure remarkable extended battery time. Also, it must have the earmark of encountering facts on how to make the battery last for a long time.

Manual Setting options

You may like to have an app that allows to set your preferences. So, choose the one which can be set according to your choice.

Notifications & Detection features

The reminder and notification option is vital for any battery saving app. The app must be smart enough to detect when the phone is needed to be charged and the options that might increase the battery life certainly.

Device support options

Check out online reviews to know if the best apps in the store are actually compatible with your device or not. Like if you are an Android user, don’t end up choosing the one your friend suggested who is using iOS.


Don’t forget to assess the best price among the options. Most battery saver apps are free in playstore. You have to select the one does the job right.

What we recommend

So, after we decided to drill on some of the best battery saving apps that markets have to offer, we found something interesting about Battery Time. We tried to assess it with the check list given above. My advice for android users is to give a try to Battery Time. Battery Time is a free app for Android that helps your device to preserve its juice, stop energy leaks and change settings to optimize your battery time.

Saves and extends battery juice

Battery Time not only detects the remaining time of your battery charge but also helps you identify how to extend it. It also guides you through the options on how to prolong battery charge by
• turning off Wi-Fi
• modifying brightness/display
• Screen lock options
• Turning off Data sync with internet
• Turning off Bluetooth and many other settings

Notifications & Detection features

This app has notification option in sounds. Whenever the device is going to drain, it sends a low power notification.

Manual Setting options

The ball is in your court. You get the full liberty to tweak the whole settings of the appliance. You may turn off or on thee Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, data sync option, you may consider reducing the brightness or screen lock your phone in a fraction of time. It will impact on the battery life.

Device support option & Price

It has Compatibility with android 4.0.3 and up. And best of all you can download it for free from Google store.

The best features at a glance:

• Optimize battery performance with one tap
• Zap away power-hungry apps for longer-lasting charge
• Fine-tune settings to optimize battery life
• Squeeze every electron for more time
• Online purchase and up gradation option
• Disable unnecessary apps that drain your battery
• Kill apps when screen is off
• Accurate battery & charging remaining time
• Simple easy-to-use interface
• Modify according to your needs


Battery Time is a great app if you can understand to adjust the widgets and other settings of your device. Enjoy the farfetched power advancing experience and never worry about your phone battery again. Grab the Battery Time app from Google app store:

Download Battery Time Saver & Optimizer (Free)

With a Battery saving app, you can extend your battery life. But it is always better to stay natural, like without installing any app, in just a few taps:

• Turn off unnecessary features
• To change Battery Saver settings
• Limit background usage
• To allow apps to run in the background
• Turn off vibrate and haptic feedback to save battery
• Turn off smart features like air gestures, smart scrolling
• Use dark themed wallpapers
• Use your primary battery saving mode
• Don’t fall into the auto-sync trap

Sure you may have used other battery saver Android apps in the past. But, I suggest you to give a try to Battery Time app and share your impressions with us.