Grab the best audiobook app on Android! Read 10 times as fast with the breakthrough of this generation – Audio Books!

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There are too many good books out there, aren’t there? Each of them is as delightful as useful they can be. Our time is short; we never have enough time to do all those reading no matter how much we want to. Hence the 21st century itself came up with this wonderful solution – audio books. Yes, audio books can give you nearly the same output as if you read it all by yourself on an eBook reader app. The only advantage is, in audio books, the narrator goes fast enough to keep you from getting distracted, and that saves up your time. So grab your list of books today and play them in audio.

Here are some amazing audiobook apps that have gigantic collection of audio books that comes for Free!

1. Audiobooks from Audible (Free)

8.4/10Audible is the leading app in world of audio books. Available and free, you can download it anytime form your Google play store, and also on Widows Phone, Windows 8 and iOS. Along with a wide range of audio books, this app also comes with controlling features such as variable speed, chapter navigation, process meter to measure your progress, sleep mode and bookmarks. You can also share your reading and achievements across social networks. The best thing about audible is that it has famous narrators such as Brian Cox, Stephen Fry, Alan Cumming, Jim Dale, Jeremy Irons, David Suchet, and so forth.

Audible has a rating of 4.2 and is free for download. However, audio books have to be purchased which comes at very low prices.

2. LibriVox Audio Books Free (Free)

8.5/10The leading app with a collection of free audio books is LibriVox. The app contains over 15000 free audio books that spans the breadth of world literature, including novels, history, biography, short stories, poetry and more in both fiction and non-fiction that are offered absolutely free. The audio books can be streamed over or downloaded at free of cost. Here you can view the most popular books, browse by titles, authors or genres or just search by keywords.

The app also provided many narrators for each book so that the app users can listen to their favorite narrators. While containing all kinds of controlling features such as sleep timer, variable speed and bookmarks, the app also allows its user to listen to multiple books at the same time.

3. Audio Books by Audiobooks (Free)

7.9/10Audio Books has a library of more than 60,000 audio books, and 25000 of them are absolutely free! The app contains book from almost every genre! You can download audio books here or even stream them online. Variable navigation speed and automatic bookmarks are present, and the best part is you can switch between desktop or mobile without losing track of your reading.

4. Adventure Audiobook Collection Audible (Free)

8.0/10If you are adventure seeking, here is a great library of adventure audio books. The app provides a good reading for adventure and also for children. You can easily stream, download and play the audio books that are available in their database. All the audio books here are in public domain and therefore absolutely free!

5. AudioBooks Free (Free)

7.8/10Here is another app with more than 21000 audio books in its search database that are offered absolutely free. It mostly contains a great collection of classics such as Edgar Allen Poe, Martin Luther King Jr., Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Jane Austen, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Leo Tolstoy, William Shakespeare, Horatio Alger Jr. and also children books. The 10 most popular audio book charts is regularly updated in the app database which can be downloaded for free.

Each of these best audiobook app noted here has its own special feature that has made it popular. We all enjoy the free things, but do note that the audio books prices asked in some apps are really very cheap compared to their rarity and quality. While the world is running towards freeing knowledge, audio book apps have set out to help humanity gain twice as much knowledge within the same period. Make the best use of it, read more than ever, dance like nobody is watching and live like its heaven on Earth!