The Best Android Apps This Week On Google Play Store


Here are our weekly android apps round up to show you the best free android applications from the recent releases on google play store.

The new version of the Android OS is just around the corner. We are all hoping that manufacturers will provide the latest Android L update sooner than ever. Don’t just sit and wait for Android L, keep discovering new android apps with new features.

Here are the Best Android Apps This Week:

Camera51 - a smarter camera - best android apps this week

Camera51 – a smarter camera

The Camera51 is an application that helps you in the composition of your photo. The application seeks to analyze the scene, taking various factors such as lines, objects, people, shapes, and anything that is within the box. After all, a picture with good lighting, exposure and focus are nothing if it is not a good composition. Unlike other camera apps, the Camera51 can observe all objects in the image and guide you through some graphics on the screen, and in this way you can get the best position to get a better composition…. So you can enhance your photo quality with the app Camera51.

Download Camera51 Here (Free)

BASE Music Sensor android app

BASE Music Sensor

BASE Music Sensor lets you capture the sound around you to identify songs that you might be interested in owning. Feature very similar to that offered by Shazam and SoundHound, but with the peculiarity that he is always on in the background. The app separates your music by activities and always ring the perfect song for every situation. It will create a list of songs that were played during the day to remember the best moments.

Download BASE Music Sensor Here (Free)

Download Treehouse android apps of the week


Treehouse is a platform for online learning especially focused on issues of web design and development, with educational content. You can now access the service via Android devices. With its official mobile application for Android you can now access to videos of the courses, questionnaires, exercises and other materials.

Download Treehouse Here (Free)

Squarespace Blog app for android

Squarespace Blog

Squarespace is a popular service and is used by many people. With the official mobile application Squarespace Blog users can manage different aspects of web space from Android, and can switch between them (if you have more than one account), allowing actions such as the incorporation of new publications, edit posts, manage comments and change the blog design tools.

Download Squarespace Blog Here (Free)

Squarespace Note for android

Squarespace Note

Squarespace Note offers a simple notes application that serves as a gateway for adding quick notes to Squarespace, Dropbox, Google Drive or E notes. Just open the application you can write the note with an attached image and, then, the note is sent to the services you have synchronized.

Download Squarespace Note Here (Free)

Shake App for android smartphone

Shake App

Shake is an interesting app, especially useful for small business owners and freelancers, that combines the simplicity of a handshake with the security of a legal contract. The app is very simple to use. Use Shake to quickly and easily create, sign and send legally binding agreements from your Android device.

Download Shake App Here (Free)

Adobe Creative Cloud (preview) app for android

Adobe Creative Cloud (preview)

Adobe has released the preliminary version of Adobe Creative Cloud for Android devices. Adobe Creative Cloud is a file manager app that allows you to work quickly and easily with the files you have hosted in the cloud from Adobe.

Download Adobe Creative Cloud Here (Free)

LINE SnapMovie app for android

LINE SnapMovie

LINE SnapMovie for Android is an application that will serve you to take all the creativity you have within you, much like Vine, allow you to capture short videos and share them with the world. You can create short movies up to 30 seconds, and then add several elements that make them much more attractive. Subsequently, these can be shared across the most popular social networks, like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and obviously Line.

Download LINE SnapMovie Here (Free)

ShutApp | Background Cleaner for andorid smartphone

ShutApp | Background Cleaner

With the application ShutApp you can disable all the app that are running in the background, but not disable Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Hence, it is possible to save more battery on Android and reduce the use of mobile data. Simple to use, the application works by means of a single button.

Download ShutApp Here (Free)

Secure Gallery(Pic/Video Lock) app for android

Secure Gallery(Pic/Video Lock)

Secure Gallery is an application for those who are seeking greater privacy on photos and videos stored on their Android devices, thus preventing others from viewing personal content. Keep other people away from their private media: with the app, simply create a password with numbers or letters for each folder with the images and footage.

Download Secure Gallery Here (Free)

Hopefully, you’s like the list of this week’s top free applications on playstore. For more top free android app lists checkout our weekly apps showcase.