Best Apps for Your new Sony Xperia Z2


Got a new shiny Sony Xperia Z2? Download the Best Apps for Sony Xperia Z2 below to make your smartphone life fun.

Best Apps for Your new Sony Xperia Z2

Sony Xperia Z2 is a very nice and shiny Android phone. It supports every possible app that one Android should do. There are some useful and amazing app specifically known for Xperia Z2. You should read through the content to know about the few apps you should download on Xperia Z2. The addresses from where you may download the app are also added.

So have a look and grab your free Android app.

Google Camera

Google Camera app for android devices
Download Google Camera app apk

Sony is always a leader when it comes to camera quality on a smartphone. While the native camera app is already full featured, you would also love to use the official google camera app. Google has released the camera app on play store with some exciting features such as Photo Sphere and Lens Blur for SLR-like photos. The simplicity of the camera app is really a pleasure. You can downlaod google camera app apk v2.1.042 from the link above.


Tumblr app for sony xperia z2
Download Tumblr app

Now it’s very simple to control your photo blog from your Z2 Android. It’s a new feature of Tumblr. Now you can be a blogger very easily. It’s possible to manage a number of blogs together. Manage your blog on the wayYou need to join Tumblr family. Then you can tweak the layout and change the font smoothly. A color altering option is also there in this Android or iOS app. So join the team of Tumblr users and enjoy blogging.
There are some points to be noted–
• You will get about 3.3 billion templates.
• There is no limit to brows Tumblr accounts.
• It’s free for you.

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus for Android Ad blocker app for Android
Download Google Camera app apk

Don’t want to get annoyed by the ads on your Xperia z2? Install the Adblock Plus app for Android and put those boring ads away. If you have already your phone then Adblock plus will filter all ads out of the box. On non rooted device Adblock Plus will filter all WiFi traffic out of the box. Download Adblock plus andorid app from the link above.

Cerberus anti theft

Cerberus anti theft app for xperia z2
Download Cerberus anti theft app

Cerberus is a beautiful app for your Android. It makes your costly phone independent and able to take care itself. I mean to say now you can protect your phone from a remote place. It’ll click the photo and record video itself according to your instruction. Obviously you have to instruct as it’s a device. Help your phone to reach youIt can help to detect the thief. You can lock your phone even when it’s lost. So now being reunited with your lost precious phone is very easy. So you should at least try the trial version. Then decide you will go for it or not. I think you’ll go for sure.
There are some points to be noted–
• It wipes the SD card remotely.
• You can use it for one week for free.
• You have to pay $5.13 to fill the mobile insurance form for the lifetime use.


IFTTT android app
Download IFTTT app

Now every task is so simple. You can make one depend upon another. If you want something to happen at a time when another is going on, then it’s possible now. You can connect the task with one another. Make your own task listIf you want your phone to alert you when the temperature is high, then it’ll alert you. If you want your wallpaper to change when changing Instagram photo, it’s possible too.
There are some points to be noted–
• It’s free for you.
• You can make your own combination of multi-tasking.
• It’s mainly works on if- then condition.

There are lots of apps for the Sony Xperia Z2 like these that you may like. To know about those apps, go here and read more content.