Best Android Widget : Flick Widgets Android – Works with Gesture

Flick Widgets Android has the great potential of becoming a must have for many of you. If you are looking for a cool, innovative way to access your widgets on Android, then this exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Android App Reviews  Flick Widgets - Gesture Activated Widgets (Video)

With Flick Widgets for Android you can add up to four widgets or apps that can be motion activated depending on your personal preference. In simple word its like having an extra home screen with your favourite widgets which can be access at any time with just a flick.

You can set volume quick controls, People contacts or other apps icon to appear depending on the gesture you set and the brightness level of the screen. Let me explain how it works. There is four kind of gesture you can use. Either flick the phone back, forward, left or right. For each type you select an action. In the settings menu you can set the app to start automatically, display the status icon and text when you activate a gesture and feedback by vibration. Configure your desired widgets or apps icon with specific flick action. After when you do the flick in that way, a screen overlay will appear. To get a better idea how Flick Widgets Android works, watch below the video review.


The developer has announced lots of new features to come with future updates.

Widgets that will be available in the Store tab:

  • Toggle widget for WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc.
  • Bookmarks widget
  • App shortcuts widget
  • Answer phone with a flick
  • Some other special experimental features…

+ Innovative implementation

+ Good, clean UI

- Few widgets and options

- Sometimes slow

Download Flick Widgets Android from widget below and see if the like cool thing.


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