Best Android Song Identifier apps for any music recognition


Use any of the following Best Android Song Identifier apps to recognize any music playing around.

Best Android Song Identifier apps

I guess everyone wants to identify a tune that sounds great when they hear it on the street, radio or even a song playing in the car next while in traffic. An android smartphone in your pocket can do that easily with the help of cloud data through an app. That is why we have decided to make a list of the best apps you can use for identifying any music. Some of these music identifier app can even help you purchase the track and even display the lyrics.



Download Shazam
A great and highly popular app available on most mobile platforms. It can identify the playing media in a matter of seconds, offers option to buy tracks on Amazon in MP3 format or search for the video on YouTube. Key features:

– LyricPlay to sing along to streamed lyrics
– Listen to the music you Shazam in Rdio or Spotify
– Check out the artist’s bio and discography



Download TrackID
An app made by Sony offering great style and interface. It can recognise a track very fast and offers features like buying the song, searching for it on YouTube or displaying the artist info. The app also comes with a widget and a “Like” button to share on Ffacebook wall for all your friends to see.



Download SoundHound
SoundHound claims to be “The world’s only singing and humming recognition”. It offers the usual features like social sharing, YouTube search and artist info. Options for buying tracks are also available along with the ability to see lyrics move in time with the music. And it is fast at recognising music, probably one of the fastest available even if you just hum a song.

Sound Search for Google Play


Download Sound Search for Google Play
Google also offers its own music ID service. Sure, the app is made primarily for music playback and it offers a great interface, equalizer, cover art and more. When it comes to music ID it is very fast, you can purchase songs through Google Play and it offers a dedicated widget that you can place even on the lock screen (Android 4.2.2). You can get get smart recommendations based on your tastes, keep a song identification history, synced across all of your Android devices, so you can purchase a song later and there are no ads involved.

musiXmatch Music Lyrics Player

Download musiXmatch Music Lyrics Player
One of the most popular apps not only for identifying music but also for lyrics or as a music player. It offers a great interface and tons of features, including PowerAmp (a great music player) integration. It offers an equalizer, ★ Scrobbling, Social Share and about anything else you can think of. Plus it offers a great interface. An app you should definitely get.

That concludes our top of the best music recognition apps you can use to get ID of tracks. Look out for more great top lists as we have plenty surprises in store for you.

  • Sushil

    I tried with many Hindi/Indian songs and found out that most accurate was MusixMatch followed by TrackID.

  • Hary

    Please check the spelling of Facebook in Track ID (3rd Line)