With any of these best free running games, keep running an endless run to score points until you die.

Best Running Games for Free

It appeals to a wide range of audience while gaming on the smartphone. Normally when someone plays on Xbox 360 or PS3, they have to sit for hours. But in a smartphone, it can be few minutes and can be played anywhere while waiting for the bus or metro while traveling.

There are varieties of the game on Android ranging from puzzle game like angry birds to infinity blade. There are also games like Wolfenstein which are appealing on smartphone and tablet devices. And who doesn’t love jumping, climbing, rolling and leaping.

On this page we picked some of the Best Running Games available to download for free.

1. Run Like Hell! (Free)

8.4/10In the game run like hell the gamers need to run, jump and crawl as savages chase them with the spears. The environment in this game is like ancient ruins, jungle tracks. The gamers have to pass through obstacles as they move on.

This game has three models including endless, story, time trails. It has over 30 levels. In the story mode, there are 3 mode leaderboard, achievements, and challenges.

2. Temple Run (Free)

8.6/10Temple run is the most famous in among its genre. In this game, a cursed idol is stolen from the temple, and you have to run for your life to escape from the evil monkeys. The monkeys are capable of hurting you. The game requires lots of reflexes while racing down from old temple walls, also from sheer cliffs. The game requires running and jumping to avoid obstacles, collecting points and buying power.

3. Subway surfers (Free)

8.5/10Subway Surfers is an IOS exclusive game. In this game, you are in the shoes of Jake.You have to escape from the inspector and his dog. The game is rich with fantastic gadgets like hover board, jetpacks, etc. There is also shoes which help you to jump higher. The main target of the game is to avoid train carts and move left or right. This also requires jumping up and down to escape obstacles. The gamers can collect coins and unlock characters. The skill level can be upgraded.

4. Line Runner (Free)

8.0/10Life runner is scrolling game where your character appears to be like stick. The stick has to be guided through obstacles in the path. You will be enjoying jumping and roll over through obstacles. The main aim of the game is to beat other competitors as fast you can. The game is created in the fast pace. The challenge and difficulty level increase as you move to upper level.

5. Running Fred (Free)

8.3/10This is a sequel of falling fred. In this game, the player is put into the shoe of a helpless hero who has to run for the living. There is many traps in this game and also include acrobatic movements. There are options of choosing from multiple characters. To some extent, the game resamples Prince of Persia.

6. Jetpack Joyride

8.4/10This is a never ending thrilling game of Barry steak fries. This game comes from HalfBrick Studios. HalfBrick Studios are famous for their games like fruit ninja, the age of zombies also monster dash. The main attraction of the game includes adventure of Barry steak fries. He is a typical character who enters into a secret laboratory. He tries to dodge from characters like zappers, electricity field’s guided missiles, and lasers. There is option of jetpack powered gun which helps him in the mission.

7. Rail Rush (Free)

8.2/10This game is developed by miniclip.com. The environment of the game is built in underground mines. There are six different themes caverns, spider nests, mushroom halls, waterfalls and dead cities. Players have to swipe to avoid signals and dodge obstacles through the rail tracks. 

There are several missions like jump 20 times, entering secret level 5 times, leveling up from the passerby to notice. The game requires collecting of coins which will power up with wood ram, super magnet force, etc.

Collecting gold nuggets lets you buy power like Super Magnet Force Wood Ram, Iron Grid, etc. There are other characters like Axel Firechief, Ace Upsleave and more from the Shop. You can also collect Rock Eggs that offer extra nuggets and other gems to complete your explorer’s collection.
The game has characters like Ace Upsleave, Charles longshot, etc. The players can collect rock eggs which offer extra nuggets.

The game is quite fast, and it requires more focusing after a certain distance. The graphics are excellent; it has integration with Facebook and Twitter.

Running games becoming more popular as they are fun to play at any time. If you discover a new running game that worth including in this list, please share the title in comments below.
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