Best Android Music Player & Music Management Apps


A list of android music manager app for the best music listening experience on a mobile device.

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Love to listen music on the go? Then your Android device is perfect for this as it is capable to deliver great audio! Here are some of the best android apps for managing, organizing, and listening to your favorite tunes no matter where you are!

Shuttle Music Player

Download Shuttle Music Player (Free)
Shuttle Music Player not only allows you to play your favorite songs and dually create custom playlists, but it also allows you to create a queue of which songs you want to play next. You can also customize the widgets, choose themes, use a voice search feature, and control it with gestures. The app even displays lyrics for your songs and has a built in sleep timer. Finally, this powerful app will also download any missing album artwork to make your collection complete.

MediaMonkey Pro

MediaMonkey Pro for android
Download MediaMonkey Pro ($1.68)
MediaMonkey is an excellent app that allows you to sync your songs from Windows to your Android device. However, the Pro version is the definitive version of MediaMonkey. What makes it so special? For starters, MediaMonkey Pro allows you to sync your music library via Wi-Fi! Moreover, with the Pro version, users can browse for music by folders easier than ever, configure the home screen, and even look up lyrics at your leisure.

MixZing Music Player

MixZing Music Player - best android music player
Download MixZing Music Player (Free)
MixZing Music Player does the standard tasks you would expect from a music management app such as organizing and playing your audio files but sports several unique functions. For starters, it has its own internet radio that allows you to listen to thousands of different stations and will even recommend which ones you will like the best. This app can even identify your songs (including ones without tags) making your library and album art much neater. MixZing Music Player also has a built in sleep timer so you won’t waste your device’s battery and has a widget on the lock screen so you can control your music without unlocking your device.

Cloudskipper Music Player

Download Cloudskipper Music Player (Free)
The final music management app on the list is Cloudskipper Music Player. This has a huge range of features including letting you manage your music library and even create ringtones almost instantly. A unique feature of this app is that it allows you to share your music on social media profiles. It even has functions on the lock screen so you can easily skip songs, pause, or fast forward without entering your passcode.

Downlaod and try out the best android music player listed above. Those who used to manage their music through iTunes should checkout our article on How To Manage Music On Android Without iTunes.