Best Android Keyboard? Download Kii Keyboard for Android


Kii Keyboard for Android Combines All the Great Features from other KeyBoard Into One.

Either going with the stock manufacturer provided input method or downloading an alternative keyboard from the Store is every Android user’s choice. Some people want good predictions while others like gesture based (Swipe) typing. Here is one app called Kii Keyboard for Android which combines both and got more features.

Download Kii Keyboard for Android

Kii Keyboard is a relatively new addition to the Play Store. It comes in strong, packing lots of features and customization options along with Android 4.2 compatibility. The developer advertises SwiftKey like predictions and there is built-in support for HD themes. You can define text shortcuts and it offers iOS 6 style emoji input.

Download Kii Keyboard for Android

Like with most third-party alternatives on the Store, Kii Keyboard offers many options and customizations. From the background image to the fonts and colors, everything can be defined to make it as personal as you wish. At this time it offers support for 34 languages, with more expected to arrive in the near future.


PROS of Kii Keyboard for Android:

+ Good next word predictions

+ HD themes support

+ Lots of options

CONS of Kii Keyboard:

– Limited support for emojis

Download Kii Keyboard for Android free by hitting the play store button in the widget below.

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