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best android games this week

On this page you will find the best Free & Paid android games of the week from most recent android games releases on google play store. The games are hand-picked based on user review, download number, graphics quality and sound. Find Best Android Apps of The Week HereWe will continuously update this page with top good android games as they arrives on Android Market (Be sure to bookmark this page).

Let’s checkout this week’s android games top chart and download them on your android devices.

Angry Birds Fight! (FREE)

8.5The developer Rovio has just released another game of his successful Angry Birds franchise. Called Angry Birds Fight that mixes the successful Candy Crush and RPG with characters from Angry Birds. Angry Birds Fight is a puzzle game in which you need to alienate 3 or more equal Angry Birds characters to activate special powers and earn points of attack and defense then to finish the game. You can challenge players around the world in real-time item battles throughout the levels. Throughout the game you will improve your character, unlocking more birds, weapons and other objects.

Radical Rappelling (FREE)

8.0Radical Rappelling is a new challenging game for Android where you need to get down a mountain rappelling wall, avoiding the dangers. Collect coins, destroy rocks, take a chance on stunts and stay away from the bombs, as they may end up with gambling at the slightest touch! Radical Rappelling is a game that will benefit the players with better accuracy, good reflexes and speed.

Scrubby Dubby Saga (FREE)

Scrubby Dubby Saga android game of the week

8.1Another set of puzzles of match-3 type from the makers of Candy Crush Saga. The game remains much more attached to the formula that became a hit to his Candy Crush Saga, but this time instead of candy, colored soaps are the protagonists. You need to combine identical soap pads to clear the way for your favorite bath toys to rescue their lost friend.

Brickies (FREE)

7.8Brickies is an arcade-style game where you must destroy all the colored balls that appear in stages before the time runs out, but it is not so easy to do. Brickies has a total of 100 levels with more and more news as you progress in the challenges – there is always something new to be inserted in the game. A very entertaining game with a high technical quality.

Deadwalk: The Last War (FREE)

8.1Deadwalk: The Last War is an online strategy game that has the same usual game mechanic you have seen in other strategy games. Your task is to gradually increase and develop the city and create alliances to defend your base and attack other users. But it certainly breaks the mold in which the atmosphere is concerned, with a fun medley of zombies, gods and heroes from various mythologies and modern nuclear weapons that you had not seen before.

Ronaldo&Hugo:Superstar Skaters (FREE)

8.3A unique android runner game whose protagonists are the famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and the troll Hugo. The game is set in the city of Las Vegas and the user objective is to get the protagonists flee the paparazzi photographers.

Skiing Yeti Mountain (FREE)

8.4This is a skill game where you’ll have to develop full control over the skis and reflexes to overcome each of the levels. You have to go through the directions in which the flags indicate in each instance to keep the advance and complete the challenge in the most perfect way and shortest time possible. Simple in concept but really complicated when the player gets behind the wheel, at the same time highly addictive.

Green Ninja: Year of the Frog (FREE)

8.2Green Ninja: Year of the Frog is a puzzle game in which your goal is to attack the evil ninjas in insane battles. To achieve this, you’ll have to scroll through the scenarios in order to set off all opponents. Escape your opponents and get revenge on them using your unstoppable kick.

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