Free Android Games of The Week – Download Them Now!

This week’s Free Android Games of The Week features: Sonic Dash, Sports Car Challenge 2, BADLAND, Ski Challenge 14, Doctor Who: Legacy and more..

Welcome back to our weekly games roundup in searching for best free android games of the week. This week we have some stunning racing games and few other exciting new titles.

Now its time to download the best free android games for this week.

Sonic Dash

Sega has announced the arrival of Sonic Dash featuring its mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog, for Android, be it a Smartphone or tablet. Sonic Dash for Android is a endless runner game that offers Temple Run style gameplay where you have to run at full speed with Sonic the Hedgehog while jump, dodge obstacles, just with enemies, collect rings and power ups in its endless races awesome 3D. Sonic Dash has social functions to challenge your Facebook friends on the leaderboards. Download Sonic Dash

Sports Car Challenge 2

Sports Car Challenge 2 is a new part of the game, in which you will drive to exclusive cars. 14 luxury cars, including brands such as Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche and Volkswagen, as well as realistic 3D graphics and good sound quality to enjoy the moment you playing the game. The game has three game modes: test time, slalom and braking. Show your driving abilities on car challenge 2 in three exciting game modes and enter the top world’s best players. The game is recommended to be installed on devices with 4.0 and up. Download Sports Car Challenge 2


The game Badland is the winner of Apple Design Award 2013 prize and probably one of the best iOS games of the year, has finally landed on Android mobile platform. It is a game of action and platforms set in a forest full of various creatures, trees and flowers where you have to go flying with a unique inhabitant of the forest and overcoming all kinds of obstacles. Badland brings the genre of arcade games to a new level with innovative physics gameplay combined with a very beautiful and atmospheric graphics and sound. The game is charming enough for you to stay a few hours touching the screen of your Android device. Download BADLAND

Ski Challenge 14

Ski Challenge 14 offers exciting ski descents and spectacular races this winter. It is an interesting racing game with a quality of three-dimensional graphics for those who love sped, thrill and skiing. Here you will find 7 realistic and beautiful trails, many achievements, replenishment in equipment and realistic graphics. With the game you can enjoy a bit of suspense, action and excitement. You can compete in online with people from all around the world. Download Ski Challenge 14

Crash Drive 2

In this multiplayer game Cash Drive 2, a sequel to the awesome Cash Drive 3D, you drive a car in a crazy race to reach the finish line first and can do amazing maneuvers that would be impossible in real life. To control of the car is easy, use the direction buttons on the left side of the screen and the icons acceleration and brake on the right. There you will be able to update your car that will help in the passage of the most incredible tracks. This game is really incredible because it’s fun, very addictive and in addition it is free. Download Crash Drive 2

Rock Runners

Rock Runners for Android is a fun racing game in which you must control a hero who must go through full of futuristic scenarios and many obstacles in well-designed scenarios. Your goal is to collect as many diamonds as you can to score many points and be able to purchase upgrades that guarantee an even better performance in the following matches. The game provides more than 140 levels to play, each with its own set of challenges to accomplish. Download Rock Runners

Doctor Who: Legacy

Doctor-Who--Legacy free android games of the week
Now you can play an official game of Doctor Who on your phone or tablet and this is Doctor Who: Legecy, a puzzle game with RPG elements that can be defined as a kind of Bejeweled on steroids! In the game you can relive the episodes of the series and create a team with your classmates and favorite allies besides defeating the enemies of the Doctor: Daleks, Weeping Angels, The Silence, Headless Monks, Peg Dolls and Spoonheads. Doctor Who Legacy arrives on Android as a true tribute to the 50 year history of the show approaching the main characters and villains today. Download Doctor Who: Legacy

Flick Kick Football Legends

Flick Kick Football Legends is a management game for Football fans with a rich storyline and stuffed mood. Its mission is to take command of a soccer team that have lost its glory, must make it up division after division, leaving the lower echelon of the sport to finish as the major league champion. Download Flick Kick Football

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  • claire

    great list!!! i played Soccer Superstars, Golf 3D, Garfield’s Diner, and Mystery Manor! I think they’re all pretty good titles :) i’m going to try the rest on your list. thanks for the recommendations! i found a few of these titles and other good games using this app called Applorer, which is really helpful cos i don’t have to trawl through loads of random apps to find the kinds of games that i want to play. you can try it too! it’s downloadable off Google Play for free :)

    • Anatole

      Thank you for your support ! We will be sure to include Applorer in our next best applications list.