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This week’s top Free Android Games of The Week list features some of the best new android games from last week.

Welcome back to our weekly top android games recap where we gather the best free android games of the week. This week we have some great puzzle games and few other exciting new titles.

Now its time to download the best free android games we listed below for this week.

Angry Birds Stella

Angry Birds Stella - android game of the week

Angry Birds Stella is the latest game from the company Rovio and the first title starring the character Stella, who along with her friends Poppy, Luca, Dahlia and Willow. The mechanics Angry Birds Stella is the same as the Angry Birds, launch the birds to destroy the pigs but new special abilities of each character given a fresh touch to the game. The game has more than 120 levelsand 6 fun birds with different personalities.

Downlaod Angry Birds Stella Here (Free)

Red Green Blue

Red Green Blue game for android

Red Green Blue is a very addictive game for Android in which your goal is to make as many laps as you can but be careful – don’t run in your tail! This square will leave a trail of color matching with the core, losing the game when you played with your square that wake. Provided it is the same color as, periodically, the core switch between red, green and blue going to leave the trail of a different color. It is a very simple game to play but very difficult to make a good score, need lots of practice.

Downlaod Red Green Blue Here (Free)

Madden NFL Mobile

Feel the adrenaline of playing football in Madden NFL Mobile for Android. Recruits the stars of the current NFL and form an unbeatable team, prepare your best moves and strategies to achieve victory, that is your aim and you must fight for it. In Madden NFL Mobile you will live the passion to lead to a real football team, choose your favorite team and lead it to the top. The game also features multiplayer mode in which you can challenge your friends and find out who is the best.

Downlaod Madden NFL Mobile Here (Free)

Bio Inc. – Biomedical Plague

Bio Inc. - Biomedical Plague android game

Bio Inc is a biomedical strategy simulator for Android in which you need to develop the most lethal illness to exterminate the human race. Your goal is to worsen the situation of the patient and get him to death before he is saved by the doctors. It has different challenges and with more than 100 biomedical conditions, so it can be an ideal place for your inner psychopath challenge.

Downlaod Bio Inc Here (Free)

LEGO® Star Wars™ Yoda II

LEGO® Star Wars™ Yoda II game for android

Lego Star Wars Yoda 2 is a collaboration between Lego and Star Wars, and represents the second episode of a series that features the chronicles of Yoda. Choose your sides, Yoda or Darth Vader as a mentor, and fight on one side with characters drawn from Lego. This thrilling action game lets you take full control over the galaxy by collecting holocrons that certainly help you defeat your enemies.

Downlaod LEGO® Star Wars™ Here (Free)

Robot Dance Party

Robot Dance Party is a game in which you will rock the dance floor with a little robot built according to your style. It is primarily a game of reflexes, since you have to press the screen at the right time and in the most appropriate manner. Follow the steps on the screen and get the best possible score to show who is king of rhythm. The game features a solo mode and also the possibility that you challenge your friends and other players for a dance battle.

Downlaod Robot Dance Party Here (Free)

Super Smash Clash Brawler Free

Super Smash Clash Brawler Free is a fighting game for Android in which you will enter into a frantic fight against other characters. Here, you will fight for your life in a small setting, defeating all enemies that cross your path. The game has five different characters with their unique personalities to choose from.

Downlaod Super Smash Clash Here (Free)

Super Monkey Ball Bounce

Super Monkey Ball Bounce is a game clearly “inspired” Peggle, in which you have to overcome the different levels based on different bouncing surfaces going to be accumulating points. Interesting game for those who like puzzle games of this style.

Downlaod Super Monkey Ball Here (Free)

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  • claire

    great list!!! i played Soccer Superstars, Golf 3D, Garfield’s Diner, and Mystery Manor! I think they’re all pretty good titles 🙂 i’m going to try the rest on your list. thanks for the recommendations! i found a few of these titles and other good games using this app called Applorer, which is really helpful cos i don’t have to trawl through loads of random apps to find the kinds of games that i want to play. you can try it too! it’s downloadable off Google Play for free 🙂

    • Thank you for your support ! We will be sure to include Applorer in our next best applications list.