Best Android data monitor App : Download 3G Watchdog


What is the best Android data monitor App? Let’s see how 3G Watchdog can help us in this matter.

For an Android smartphone user an Internet connection has become mandatory. Thing is data usage is not always displayed up front. With increasing network speeds such as HSDPA+ or 4G LTE our data plan can wear out very fast without even realizing. With Android 4.0 and above a data usage meter has been included and can be accessed in settings. The feature is pretty basic and if you want something more advanced you must give this top solution a try. Download 3G Watchdog for Android which one of the most popular Android data monitor App

Best Android data monitor App 3G Watchdog

Using 3G Watchdog you will be able to closely monitor the data usage on your mobile device. The app displays statistics of Data transmitted via cellular connection. Using a progress bar and a table, the user can keep a close eye on his data consumption. The total consumption for the day, week and month, for sent and received data can be read at a glance. Based on your surfing behavior you can use it to monitor a monthly data plan that you can set up with ease.

At the very first starting of the app you will need to configure by entering the volume of data available and the billing period. There is option that determines the respective settlement date, and the user can decide how often Watchdog queries the data consumption. The shortest refresh interval can be 30-seconds and you can increase it up to an hour. Keep in mind that frequent updating will increase the battery usage.

3G Watchdog also provides an Android Data Monitor widget for quick access to the statistics interface, and shows what percentage of the volume of data the user has already used. Those who wish can also see it on an icon in the status bar, that changes color depending on the residual traffic. Once a certain threshold exceeded, the app warns on request by vibration. If APNdroid or JuiceDefender is installed on the smartphone, the app provides an option to end all UMTS services automatically. 3G Watchdog Android app is highly recommended for all those who want to avoid extra data plan costs.

Pros of 3G Watchdog for Android:

+Statistics and graphs at a glance

+Widget for monitoring

+Data limit options

Cons of 3G Watchdog:

– The UI could use some improvements

You can Download 3G Watchdog for free by hitting the widget below. There is also 3G Watchdog Pro version available on play store to get rid of the ads.