The Best Android Apps This Week available for Free


These are the best android apps this week on Google Play store that can be downloaded for free.

Best Android Apps of the week

On this page, you will find the best Free Android apps of the week from recent releases on google play store. Find Best Android Games of The Week HereThese apps are carefully chosen in terms of popularity, downloads, quality and user rating. We will continuously update this page with top quality apps as they arrive on Android Market (Be sure to bookmark this page).

Let’s start downloading the best android apps of the week on your android smartphone or tablet.

FotoSwipe – Photos &Videos (FREE)

8.5Fotoswipe makes it easy to share photos between Android and iOS devices easily. The tool works without any registration process and even without an Internet connection or Wi-Fi network. To share photos, both the iOS and Android devices should have installed and running the app.

You should also check out how to share files between Android and iOS through shareIt.

Who’s Down – Fall 2015 (FREE)

7.2Who’s down is a new application from the big G that allows the user to organize exits or meetings with other users, mostly to help in the process in terms of time availability at any given time. Who’s Down gives you a quick look at all your contacts and their status in addition to seeing the reasons why are not available for you to call them. It’s that simple.

Apple Music (FREE)

Apple music app for android

7.0Apple Music is now available on Android for users, including three months of free service. Apple has brought all the features from ios Apple Music to Android members. You will see all the familiar tabs in iOS Music: Radio (including Beats 1); New; For you; Connect and Music.

Alto Mail: Organize Your Email (FREE)

8.2Alto Mail is a mail application that lets you handle multiple email accounts in one app. It serves as a simple and smart way to view messages in the inbox. In much the same way as the Inbox of Google, Alto Mail separates flight reservations, shopping tracking and other special items in cards for easy access.

Perch – Simple Home Monitoring (FREE)

7.5Perch can convert your old phones into a video surveillance system. The application will be able to detect movement through cameras and sensors on a phone and activate the alarm or display an area of the house. It also allows video communication in real time with any of the terminals.

Roundme (FREE)

8.6RoundMe is an Android app that brings the best 360 panoramas and immersive stories from Roundme ( Now you can enjoy interactive VR experience with Google Cardboard and other headsets from the comfort of your sofa.

Moto Loop (FREE)

7.7Moto Loop is a new application from the company Motorola Mobility LLC. It is available for all Android users, and it lets you stay in sync with your home and family. With this app, you can check up on the kids, receive alerts, and send messages right from the app. It also supports smart home devices so you can control things like your Nest Thermostat and Philips Hue lights.

If you have already downloaded the apps we mentioned above, please let us know which apps you’d like most. Also, if you know an app worth to mention as Android apps of the week then recommend the title in the comment section below. Check back regularly for updated list of Best Android Apps this week.[wpsocialite]