Best Android Apps of All Time

Best Android Apps of All time
Either you’ve just got a new Android device or already very familiar with the OS, it’s always good to know which apps you must Love Games? Checkout Best Android Games of All Time Here.install to get the most out of your smartphone or Tablet. On this page, you will find the best Android apps of all time which should fulfill your everyday smartphone life.

We’ve categorize the apps in different section so you can find the best apps in specific category. Use the table below to browse quickly. We’ve chosen top android apps in terms of functionality, popularity, user rating & install number so you know these are best app in Android Market.

Best AUTOMATION Apps for Android

The first choice in automation category. Tasker Android App is The ultimate automation utility and will make your life more easier. After installing the app you will understand the full power of smartphone. It comes with a high $6.49 price tag but worth every penny.

JuiceDefender – battery saver | Download (Free)

When it comes to battery life, We al know Android devices are not the best. But JuiceDefender will maximize battery life with a lot of tweaks and settings.

Llama – Location Profiles | Download (Free)

Llama can certainly do almost everything tasker does and also few things more. The best of all it is available for free to download. Llama works based on your location data.

NFC Task Launcher | Download (Free)

Allows to program your device to automate task like turning off email, turn on silent mode when you put the phone on night stand and more. This app works using NFC tags and stickers.

Your all in one call management app for Android. Filters calls, announces callers via audio, records calls, and can even automatically answer calls.

Shush! Ringer Restorer | Download (Free)

If you often forget to turn off the silent mode then this app would be handy. Shush allows to silent your phone for a set time, and then turn on the ringer automatically.

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Best COMMUNICATION Apps for Android
eBuddy Messenger | Download (Free)

A very good chat client for Android which works on multiple networks, including MSN, Facebook, Yahoo!, MySpace, Gtalk (Orkut), ICQ, AIM (AOL) and Hyves and more. The app runs in background so you are always online for instant messaging with across all network.

chompSMS | Download (Free)

An great alternative for SMS application on android. chompSMS is super fast with enhanced features and does also offer it’s own SMS service for cheaper rates through internet.

Go SMS Pro | Download (Free)

Want to customize your sms client to give it a fancy look? Go SMS Pro is the right choice. Along with theme support the app also offer cloud backup, private box, security lock, SMS blocker, and some other useful plug-ins.

imo messenger | Download (Free)

This is another good IM client for Android support most of the network. The app provides high-quality voice calls and Super fast and reliable messaging.

Postman: SMS Spam Blocker | Download (Free)

These days not only e-mail spam but SMS spam also becomes very annoying.  To avoid this use Postman, the best SMS Spam Blocker for your Android. The app will detect spam, notify you and and clean them for you.

Skype – free IM & video calls | Download (Free)

No one does better when it comes to the video chat. Skype is an essential app for every Android user to keep in touch with others. Skype offers Free voice and video calls to anyone else on Skype.

SMS Popup | Download (Free)

Wouldn’t it be better to have a quick look at text messages as soon as they arrive and even better if you can reply directly. Go SMS Pro does this job pretty goo but if prefer to use default sms app then install SMS Popup to instantly see new text and reply.

Free Calls & Messages : There is plent of apps for call and sms but Viber is the most popular one. A VoIP client that lets you call and text other users for free, worldwide across all smartphone OS.

An Open source android chat client for XMPP (Jabber) networks like Google Talk, Facebook chat, and more with simple and elegant interface. The app support multiple accounts and quick  switch between chats.

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Best READING Apps for Android
AnkiDroid flashcards | Download (Free)

Memorize information efficiently while on the go with Anki’s smart algorithm. Download free decks fro more than 600o topics available or add your own Through desktop application Anki or directly in AnkiDroid app.

Amazon’s kindle is well known for its great experience. You can get the similar experience with it’s kindle app for android. Stays in sync with your “real” Kindle.

This a good alternative reader of Kindle. You can download books for free from Over 1.8 million free books and more than 2.2 million premium books are also available at affordable price.

Moon+ Reader | Download (Free)

Moon + Reader for Android phones and tablets allow you to read a book where you want and when you want. So many books are available to download free and the app perfectly supports almost all formats of popular books (epub, TXT, FB2, etc.).

TED Air | Download (Free)

This is one of the “MUST-HAVE” apps recommended by many publishers for the enlightened public, enjoy TED speeches with “TED Air” and share it with friends. Want to hear from persons like Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Jamie Oliver and Brian Cox? Ted Air will provide you 18 minutes of magic with each TED talk from inspirational speakers around the world.

Wapedia | Download (Free)

Wapedia for Android is a free application that allows using Wikipedia and other wikis in a quicker and easier way. Wapedia is one of the best Wikipedia applications in the market because it’s smooth, easy to use, with many features and a good design.

WolframAlpha | Download ($2.99)

All problems and all kind searches can easily obtain result along with this android app. Suppose, You want to know how much vitamin C is in a bowl of ice cream or How much sodium is in a banana. Wherever you are and whenever you need it. WolframAlpha will deliver the answer to you.

Aldiko Book Reader | Download (Free)

A simple and convenient program to read books on smartphones and tablets. With Aldiko eBook Readerfor Android you can access thousands of books, many of them free, directly on your mobile. Its extensive catalog of free books in different languages, easy to use, customization option (by changing the font, color or the margins) and support for ePub, PDF and Adobe DRM made the app attractive. You will surely find your happiness in reading books directly on your device.

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Best HOMESCREEN Apps for Android
Beautiful Widgets | Download ($2.63)

Beautiful Widgets is a Widgets application that you must have for your Android device if you want to have the best effect on your smartphone and tablet. The application Beautiful Widgets includes a wealth of information about the weather forecast on one or more days and also a multitude of widgets to customize your smartphone to make its unique. $1.99

Want to set a solid color as wallpaper on your smartphone? You should definitely choose colors. Colors is a homescreen app for Android that lets you set a solid color (black, white, pink or any others that you want) as your wallpaper.

Embiggen | Download (Free)

Enter a word or phrase on your smartphone and Embiggen will make it big that can be read clearly from a distance. Embiggen allows you to display a word, phrase or short messages in huge, full-screen text on the screen of your smartphone.

Pattern Wallpapers | Download (Free)

Comes with over a million different patterns, Pattern Wallpapers is an extremely simple wallpaper app for your Android handset to make the homescreen more colorful. Choose the right one from a big collection of beautiful and soothing pattern wallpapers.

WeatherBug | Download (Free)

This free Android application allows you to view live weather from around the world on your mobile. WeatherBug provides extremely detailed information. You can check the current weather conditions for all cities around the world but also forecasts, satellite maps, radar maps, webcams and weather alerts.

WP Clock | Download (Free)

This is a 3D digital clock allows you to have a quick view of the time, date, weather and forecast, along with system information. Turn has several customization options and actions that allow you to access data quickly time.

3D Weather Widget | Download (Free)

This is like the typical widget that gives you the time, the calendar, the battery, your connected wifi name, but become live-wallpaper, with the advantage that we can have all that information on all desktops.

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Best HEALTH & FITNESS Apps for Android
Endomondo | Download (Free)

Endomondo is the most highly recommended app of its kind on Android. This application is ideal for running, cycling, walking and other activities based on based on the distance.

Gentle Alarm | Download ($2.85)

A very functional clock application for your Android device and it is one of the best alarms exist. One of the best android alarm app worth paying $2.85

Sleep As Android | Download (Free)

A smart alarm clock that analyze your sleep by using motion sensor and rings, if possible, at the best time. Best for those who doesn’t like to be disturbed by alarm while in deep sleep.

KeepTrack Pro | Download ($2.00)

Allows you to track everything that you used to do in your everyday life. Keep track of anything, from weight to happiness.

Libra – Weight Manager | Download (Free)

Provide the user with various tools to monitor weight and muscle mass. Syncs with DailyBurn and Withings.

My Tracks | Download (Free)

Uses GPS information to track and visualize the path made by the user, and adds the ability to relive the journey made showing the route on Google Earth for Android.

Petometer | Download (Free)

Walk with your pet dog and track your walking time, distance, pace, and route.

RunKeeper | Download (Free)

When you went out for a run, RunKeeper can measure the distance, time, calories burned and even your heart rate using the GPS in your Android phone.

JEFIT  | Download (Free)

Bodybuilding, weight training and exercises application for Android. Specially for those who are addicted to gym and weight.

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Best LAUNCHER Apps for Android
Apex Launcher  | Download (Free)

One of the best launcher available for Android at Google Play. Apex Launcher, app for Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), will allow us to do better configuration and customization of multiple desktops in our mobile. A pro update is also available for Jelly Bean users.

Nova Launcher  | Download (Free)

It’s main advantage is to be extremely smooth and fast. It offers customization of the dock where we can place up to 7 icons per page of 3 pages maximum..

Gesture Search  | Download (Free)

Gesture Search by Google is an interesting system for faster searches of applications, contacts and other items by drawing letters or numbers on your mobile screen.

GO Launcher EX  | Download (Free)

Go Launcher Ex allows you to edit the name of the application, group them in folders, customize the animation to move from one screen to another, change icons and size, change the dock shortcuts and widgets sizes and many more.

SwipePad  | Download (Free)

An application designed to sort and organize your applications so that, with a simple gesture, you can access them. All this through some very useful hidden menus.

Wave Launcher  | Download ($1.99)

Similar to SwipePad, this launcher has a different look. With just a swipe user can access theirs favorite apps and launch them quickly. Apps are accessible from any screen, no matter what app you are running.

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Best AUDIO & MUSIC Apps for Android
MX Player  | Download (Free)

MX Player is a complete video player for Android phones and tablets which supports almost all known formats without the need for additional codecs. Many options such as zooming, multi-core decoding, and more available.

Tuner – gStrings Free  | Download (Free)

Best App to tune any musical instrument using Android device. This application is valid for instruments such as the violin, viola, cello, bass, guitar, piano and wind instruments.

doubleTwist Player  | Download (Free)

Double Twist player lets you play music, video, podcasts, radio stations, as well as all the media library synchronization with the desktop computer.

Jango Radio  | Download (Free)

A free radio application that gives you unlimited access to the kind of music that you like. You can listen any of over 100 genre stations preset in the application.

PlayerPro  | Download ( $4.99)

With PlayerPro Music Player you can browse and play music by album, artist, song, etc. A powerful, skinnable audio player with advanced filtering capabilities. However its a bit Pricey.

Shazam  | Download (Free)

This application allows you to identify the song you’re listening, through its gigantic musical base, which processes the frequency peaks in the tones of a melody in its entirety.

Slacker Radio  | Download (Free)

Slacker Radio lets you tune in radio stations free, fully customizable, with over 100 kinds of stations. Unfortunately works in US only.

SoundHound  | Download (Free)

An application to identify the title and author of the song that you are listening. Besides that, you can listen the song, find lyrics, similar artists, related videos, etc. Similar to Shazam.

Winamp  | Download (Free)

Very effective and powerful for the users. It supports some of the most common audio and video files in. It offers wireless desktop sync, for which you needs the Winamp Media Player.

PowerAMP  | Download (Free)

A very powerful music player that gives you a better range of possibilities to your Android device..

TuneIn Radio  | Download (Free)

TuneIn Radio lets you listen to over 70,000 radio stations from around the world, which transmit over two million music programs, sports, entertainment, news and opinion.

NodeBeat  | Download (Free)

NodeBeat is a virtual synthesizer that allows you to create music with your Android device. The application is a sequencer capable of generating sounds based on proximity and connection elements that float across the screen.

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Best PHOTOGRAPHY Apps for Android
PicsArt – Photo Studio  | Download (Free)

PicsArt lets you edit your photos using a series of filters (gouache, cartoon, posterization, dotted blur movie etc.) before sharing in social networks. Photos can be imported from your gallery, your Flickr account, Google+, Facebook, Dropbox etc..

Camera360  | Download (Free)

Allows you to maximize the performance of the camera of your phone, take pictures, manage collections of photos, edit them, share them, to make composites.

Instagram  | Download (Free)

Instagram is both a social network and a photo editing app. It’s a simple and fun way to edit and publish your photos. This application contains several filters that allow you to create unique images from simple pictures.

Little Photo  | Download (Free)

It allows you to edit your photos and add cinematic effects. Little Photo has a range of more than 70 tools and effects by which you can express your creativity and style in a few clicks.

FxCamera  | Download (Free)

A new way to take pictures with the camera of your Android phone. It will significantly expand the photographic possibilities by applying different effects with the option to adjust.

Retro Camera  | Download (Free)

It gives you a wide variety of styles to make pictures with your Android Device. Among the options you can choose the formats Lomo, Holga, Polaroid, Diana, Hipstamatic, among others.

Snapseed  | Download (Free)

One of the best rated photo editing applications on Android that will transform an ordinary photograph into an extraordinary picture and provide a more enjoyable experience with high quality pictures.

Vignette  | Download (Free)

Vignette is a camera application for Android with the largest number of filters, effects, film types, frames, 10x digital zoom, photo location (geotag)

QuickPic  | Download (Free)

With this application you can organize the content of your image gallery, in a simple way. It allows searches optimized to quickly find your photos and create subfolders to help you make more organize photo galleries.

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Best PRODUCTIVITY Apps for Android
Do it (Tomorrow)  | Download (Free)

A good way to organize tasks by priority and do first those need to get done first then leave others for another day. You can also synchronize the application with other devices that have similar lists..

TouchDown for Smartphones  | Download (Free)

This application will help us to get everything out of our work day. TouchDown for Smartphones calls for data security and information we handle. Stay connected at any time without having to have another terminal company : Syncs contacts, email, and calendar with Exchange.

Out of Milk Shopping List  | Download (Free)

Create shopping lists, save new products like notes, or even use the camera to scan the bar code, so that it automatically store the product we want to score on that list.

Gtasks  | Download (Free)

Easily create and share tasks with anyone. Sort them by due date of creation or by name, and view events in Google Calendar.

Call Blocker  | Download (Free)

If you receive unwanted phone calls on your Android phone, try this app which lets block the phone numbers you do not want to answer

AnyDo  | Download (Free)

A very simple to do app interface with no color, no fanfare, but very nice and easy to use. Enter your to-do lists and make reminders to organize your schedule.

Astrid Task  | Download (Free)

A to-do list manager, which will be a great app to organize your diary. You can create separate tasks and task lists, creating reminders to prevent escape of important dates. Syncs with Google Tasks and

Barcode Scanner  | Download (Free)

Scan barcodes on products using your phone’s camera. Just hold the lens over the product so that the barcode fits within the rectangle on screen and instantly you will get what those square want to say.

Call Log Calendar Free  | Download (Free)

Saves your call log and SMS to the device calendar and Google Calendar, optionally with location info.

Catch Notes | Download (Free)

A colorful and useful notes application for text, voice, images and locations. Create notes and organize them by color, share or generate lists for a user group .You can also add reminders for notices. Syncs with

Diaro – personal diary | Download (Free)

Perfect for keeping records of your life on Android. Users will be able to maintain records in a list or calendar day. The app alsoprovides synchronization between devices

Dropbox  | Download (Free)

Dropbox has the ability to store any type of files (photos, documents, videos, audio, games etc.) in the cloud and access them anywhere, especially in a mobile device. The simplicity of its interface to copy and paste, share with others and publish instantly.

DropSpace  | Download (Free)

A companion app for Dropbox users. Uploads files from SD onto Dropbox whenever they change. Backup to the cloud.

Evernote | Download (Free)

Evernote is one of the best managers of notes and reminders on Android. Create notes with all kinds of attachments and organize by tags or books. Most importantly you can perfectly synchronize to view them and edit them from any mobile device or computer.

Flick Note | Download (Free)

This application allows you to take notes on your Android phone and then store them in the cloud using services Simple Note.

Floating Stickies | Download (Free)

Sticky note app for android allows to take quick notes or reminders on your android screen.

Google Docs | Download (Free)

Allows to create and maintain all type of documents and associated them with your Google account in a simple and intuitive way. Edit your Docs on the go.

Habit Streak Pro  | Download ($3.06)

Track your progress at achieving daily goals. This application will help you to achieve your daily goals using Seinfeld’s chain method. There’s a free version, too, but Pro is worth $3.

Ovo Timer | Download (Free)

Specially designed to help you measure the time of small tasks such as frying an egg or remember to take the food from the oven.

ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner | Download (Free)

A complete solution designed to identify and read QR barcodes using the camera of your mobile device to store products and compare prices on the go.

Simple Notepad | Download (Free)

A beautifully simple note taking application that is simple and enjoyable to use. Supports Dropbox sync.

Springpad | Download (Free)

Provide tool for taking notes, storing content, links, images and even recipes for a quick, simple and have it sync to wherever you are.

A tool to manage tasks through a simple interface. It allows us to make a list of all our tasks categorizing and prioritizing them as needed.

Waze is a GPS turn-by-turn directions for your Android smartphone. With this application you can notify traffic information, cameras, overcrowding and hazards on the road – among others.

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Best SECURITY Apps for Android
App Protector Pro | Download ($1.99)

This application lets you select the app you want and protect it with a different password. You can also protect other data such as photos and even the device camera.

KeePassDroid | Download (Free)

One of the best on the market password or security manager. It allows us to organize our passwords into groups and subgroups, and can also record the login information, URL and notes to have everything well organized

Lookout Mobile Security  | Download (Free)

Millions of users worldwide trust Lookout to protect their phone. This free app lets you to protect against malware and spyware.

No Lock | Download (Free)

With No Lock you can Enable or Disable the phone lock just by touching a physical button. Widget included

Pocket  | Download (Free)

This app provides a safe place to hide all your secret information from prying eyes. It also makes a backup automatically Dropbox.

A beautiful Google Reader client that makes reading news fun and attractive.

RedReader Beta | Download (Free)

With it, you can view concisely the main posts on the site Reddit, vote and know what are the main topics discussed.

SeekDroid  | Download ($4.99)

With SeekDroid, you can locate your smartphone or tablet anywhere in the world, showing the exact location for you to find it or tell the police.

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Best SOCIAL NETWORKING Apps for Android
Falcon Pro | Download ($1)

Falcon Pro is a gorgeous Twitter client for Android devices. The program has a built-in browser and fast Youtube player. Users can view videos and photos.

GetGlue | Download (Free)

A social network for entertainment, dedicated to follow in every movie, book, games, record or series you see or hear.

HootSuite | Download (Free)

With this app you will be able to manage a multitude of profiles on major social networks in a single window. HootSuite’s interface is simple, elegant and easy to use. The mobile companion for

Seesmic | Download (Free)

Application for managing live Facebook and Twitter accounts simultaneously. Search, share photos and videos and get notifications for new messages! Seesmic also offers a widget to access all your accounts from your home screen.

UberSocial for Twitter  | Download (Free)

An application that lets you access Twitter from Android.  This application lets you mark the users that interest you and keep you abreast of all update by your friends and favorite contacts.

Plume  | Download (Free)

Plume allows us to track everything that happens on Twitter. The interface is quite nice and has some interesting features like the ability to open links within the application itself without leaving Plume.

WhatsApp Messenger | Download (Free)

A messenger application to send instant text messages as well as images, video and audio using the Internet connection on your smartphone.

Twicca | Download (Free)

Twicca is a simple and the most beautiful Twitter client for Android. Users can organize their timeline by color to make it colorful and easy to search for tweets..

Nimbuzz | Download (Free)

Nimbuzz is a complete solution for chat and call via VoIP to any of your contacts in Messenger, Facebook, Google Talk, etc.. It has also a desktop companion for Mac and Windows.

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Best UTILITIES Apps for Android
AirDroid | Download (Free)

An application to control your Android device from a computer via Wifi network. With this application, you can send SMS, transfer files, install and uninstall applications, view photos, manage contacts, change ring tones and manage music of your smartphone from PC.

Fancy Widgets | Download (Free)

Fancy Widgets is a beautiful and functional widgets that will allow us to place a series of widgets more colorful than any of our desks. It will provide you the report of temperature, the weather, the time, date and location where you are.

Google Drive | Download (Free)

Undoubtedly, it is the best app to handle different document format and have them always available on multiple devices.

Lux Auto Brightness – Lite | Download (Free)

Lux Auto Brightness lets you adjust the automatic brightness of your smartphones and tablets. Lux offers the option to automatically adjust the backlight at fixed intervals when a change detected in the environment.

Minimalistic Text | Download (Free)

Minimalistic Text is a great application that lets you insert a number of text widgets, showing time and system data, with a minimalist design on your Android device.

Hide It Pro | Download (Free)

This application allows you to secure your files, pictures, videos etc. If you have personal and private information and want to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands, with this application you can hide these files easily.

Amazon Appstore | Download

Amazon Appstore is an alternative market for your Android device. It is the official store of Amazon to find, download and buy apps for Android devices. Offers a free daily app.

AppBrain App Market | Download (Free)

Another alternative market for Android. AppBrain App Market will help you to find apps you really need.

DroidStats | Download (Free)

Droid Stats is a cost control application for Android with which you can monitor: the total time of calls, sent SMS and data limits.

Elixir 2 | Download (Free)

Elixir 2 is a powerful application that gives you great control and quick access to a wealth of information on your Android device. Itprovide system information, which allows you to get a quick look at an extensive list of system information, including hardware, software, sensors, status, services, etc..

ES File Explorer | Download (Free)

ES File Explorer is a powerful file manager, with many additional functions as eliminator running tasks, direct storage in the cloud (via Google Drive, Dropbox or Skydrive), FTP client to use through terminal or PC.

File Expert | Download (Free)

File Expert is a powerful free file manager for Android. With File Expert you can perform basic file operations such as copy, paste, move, create and rename your files and folders.

Hola Accelerator & Unblocker | Download (Free)

This is an accelerator for your internet connection with Android device that will improve the speed of browsing and downloads. With the help of this application, reduce cost data plans and wait less time to enjoy videos and downloads.

ROM Manager | Download (Free)

The popular custom ROM for Android root phones that you must have on your phone. It is an excellent tool to make back-ups, flash ROMs or your own device and that sort of thing.

Root Explorer | Download ($4)

Root Explorer is the ultimate file manager for root users. It is one of the best options to explore the contents of your Android.

SlideIT Soft Keyboard | Download (Free)

SlideIT keyboard is offering a new way to enter text quickly and easily. To enable the Keyboard, go to Menu / Settings / Language & keyboard and select the SlideIT keyboard.

Stats Free | Download (Free)

With this application, you can keep track of various usage informations about your Android phone and saves SMS, call and data usage so you don’t exceed your plan.

SwiftKey 3 | Download ($1)

Swiftkey Keyboard is an intelligent keyboard for Android, using artificial intelligence principles, this nice keyboard can predict what you want to write and intelligently correcting any errors we commit.

Swype is a sliding keyboard that allows, instead of touching letter by letter to write something, you drag your finger across the screen to write the word you want.

Titanium Backup | Download (Free)

With Titanium Backup you can copy phonebook, calendar, and email messages and applications to your SD card. To install this you must have a rooted device.

Widgetsoid2.x | Download (Free)

Widgetsoid2.x is a package of widgets for Android that provides options for you to change clock, battery indicators and connection as well as a series of switchers that can enable and disable items.

DiskUsage | Download (Free)

This application scans all files and dictionaries on the SD card to give you details about the files which swallows a lot of space on your SD card.

WiFi Analyzer | Download (Free)

WiFI Analyzer lets you use your Android phone to analyze the signal of different WiFi access on your phone coverage.

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Best BROWSER & WEB Apps for Android
Drippler | Download (Free)

This app works as news feed. Drippler provides the news of accessories, apps, updates and much more created specifically for your Android device.

Dolphin Browser HD | Download (Free)

Dolphin browser for Android is an extraordinary free browser that has everything: navigation programmable by gestures and voice, eyelashes, countless downloadable add-ons to add new features and bombproof security.

Pulse News | Download (Free)

The Pulse News Reader is a program for reading feeds from your Android. With this program, you have the possibility to see your news in an organized way.

The most popular application of Android to save articles and photos to read and watch them later with this app while on the go.

YouTube Remote | Download (Free)

YouTube Remote enables remote control playback of the videos on YouTube, especially when projected on the big screen, for example from a smart TV or when the laptop is connected to a high definition TV.

mVideoPlayer | Download (Free)

mVideoPlayer is a powerful video player with subtitles support. You can watch your videos with great quality and also can create playlists with your videos, movies or favorite series. The application supports different subtitle formats.

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