Best Android apps for toddlers (Free of cost)


A beautiful collection of the best Android apps for toddlers and babies, useful to let them have fun safely and learn with an Android device.

Your Android smartphone & tablet devices are not just for you, allow your toddlers to do some brain exercise with it and learn things in a fun way. On this page, we are about to present the best Android educational applications for children. A common factor in these educational apps is that most of them are created to exercise the memory. Let’s discover the best apps suitable for toddlers and babies.

Now downlaod these best free Android educational apps and games for children.

Download Kids Games Here

8.3/10This application provides four games in one app that will help kids to develop their logical thinking and creativity. There are several themes, memory games, alphabet games, music games and even coloring games. It is highly recommended for young babies.

Toddler Fun

Toddler Fun - Best Android apps for toddlers

7.0/10This is a very simple app yet a lot of fun for toddlers. The app features four mini-games to make something entertaining happen. Toddlers can make colorful stars burst, and fireworks explode. As your child becomes skillful in moving his fingers through the screen, the app allows to draw and connect objects.

Kids Numbers and Math FREE

Kids Numbers and Math FREE android app

8.2/10This application is suitable for children in the pre-school stage. Kids Numbers and Math will allow children to name the numbers, learn to count and compare numbers, in addition to basic operations of addition and subtraction.

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Top Free Android Apps for Kids

Learn English Kids Languages

8.0/10Funny Pets is a simple and fun game for kids, whose goal is to learn English while playing, associating the image and the pronunciation of the word.

MyBaby: My puzzle for kids

MyBaby: My puzzle for kids

8.6/10Super simple and easy puzzle in 3D for toddlers and babies. With this app, your child will discover friendly animals. The child must touch once on the piece he/she wants to rotate to display the part of a new animal.

Toys Brain Games for Toddlerse

Android Toys Brain Games for Toddlers

7.6/10This app can help in the processes of developing the memory functions of your children. With this app, they will learn to recognize objects and develop a good short-term memory, which is useful in the early stages of growth.

Coloring Book

7.8/10With this application, kids will learn colors, shapes, etc., but above all develop their imagination and creativity. It offers various illustrations to which the children will give life to fill the different parts with different shades. This app is very much suitable for kids.

Toddler Animal Sounds (FREE)

Toddler Animal Sounds app on android

8.0/10This app allows your babies to view pictures of animals to recognize and listen to the realistic animal noises. A superb app for children, that teaches how to pronounce the name of animal and to remember them; teases the curiosity even of any pets in your home (especially dogs and cats), increasing the harmony between dog/cat and child.

Download Vehicles Puzzles for Toddlers Here

/10This is an educational and entertaining game dedicated to children aged 2 years and above. It allows you to associate a shape corresponding to the vehicles. The game provides colorful scenarios and many levels to accomplish.

Fruit Ninja (FREE)

8.6/10This app is for pure fun. The idea of Fruit Ninja is simple: fruits appear on the screen, and you have to cut them in half with your finger. But be careful, you have to avoid touching the bombs. This game will entertain children for hours and can also be a good way to feel the interest in fruit and get used to eating.

Know more best android toddler apps that you have installed? We want to know them as well. Also, consider using one of these parental control applications to restrict your children from accessing other apps on your device.