Best android app to save battery life – Deep Sleep Battery Saver App


Get More Battery Life on your Android by Using Deep Sleep Battery Saver App which we think one of the Best android app to save battery life.

Since the beginning of smartphone era, Battery life has been the main concern for users of all OS. Manufacturers have considered and integrated large capacities power supplies into today’s smartphones but we mostly find ourselves in need of more. If you don’t want to spend on an extra power supply, here is an option for you. Extend battery life on Android with special apps such as Deep Sleep Battery Saver.

Best android app to save battery life

Deep Sleep  battery saver for android provides you with an option to get extra power from your integrated power supply. It acts by sending your smartphone into a special state when you’re not using it for conserving battery life. During this state it turns all the unused services off, including WiFi, 3G and background syncing of apps but constantly checks for new emails, Facebook notifications and other useful services.

The app has been tested on multiple platform and it has achieved some very good results. While the latest versions of the OS provide by default some of the functions of the app it’s far better to have specialized software to do all the work. Deep Sleep provides five different profiles: Gentle, Balance, Strong, Aggressive, Slumberer.  depending on each scenario you can set the app to act so. You can also choose to create your own profile, based on your particular needs such as for workdays and weekend profiles, for day-time and night-time. The app is translated in many languages and offers many setting to configure.

Deep Sleep Battery Saver also allows to white list certain apps so they continue running in the background while other apps shut down to save battery life.


PROS of Deep Sleep for Android:

+ Saves battery life

+ Lot of profiles + customisable

+ Root CPU control

CONS of Deep Sleep Battery Saver:

– Some issues with Android 4.2

Download Deep Sleep Battery Saver for Android Free by hitting the widget below. There is also a pro version available. You can Download Deep Sleep Battery Saver Pro from Play Store for $2,99.

  • John

    Amazing app. Thanks for great review

  • Neo Haming

    I wander why phones manufacturers doesn’t do the same?

  • hello

    now sony xperia does this