Beautiful Widgets Android 5.0 brings Tons of New Features and UI Redesign


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On Dec 6, 2012
Last modified:Feb 25, 2013


Customize your Android home screen as you want. Beautiful Widgets Android is probably the mot popular widgets app which has been downloaded over 1 million times and also it has been Google Editor's Choice for more than a year.

Latest version of Beautiful Widgets Android v5.0 looks stunning, comes with new UI design and many enhanced features.

If asking for the most popular widgets suite on the Play Store, it is most likely that Beautiful widgets will be the number 1 choice of most. It not only is highly popular, but supported by the community with tons of skins and given that it offers most widget sizes, there is nothing anyone could miss.

Beautiful Widgets Android

Not too long ago, Google announced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean as the new version of the OS. Among the changes, there is not much added in terms of UI. Just small improvements here and there and an improved notifications tray including expandable notifications. With Android 4.2 announced just a few weeks ago, the changes were again not oriented towards the UI, but rather to the features of the OS, including a daydream – screen saver like feature and widgets in the lockscreen.

The first thing you will notice with Beautiful Widgets 5.0 is a complete redesign of the interface. It is now clean and including modern Android design elements, to integrate itself with the new versions of the OS. You will still get the high number of widgets in different sizes, including a 4×4 size. There are features for Android 4.2 – including expandable notifications (also on Android 4.1), lock screen widgets and daydream feature integration. On top of that there are independent widgets, forecast hours and multiple independent locations.

You will still get the ability to customize the aspect of the widgets through skins. Widgets are available for displaying a clock, the weather, your battery percentage, the current date or accessing some system settings more easily with toggles. You will find a great number of skins by visiting the official webpage.


PROS of Beautiful Widgets Android :

+ Interface redesign

+ Android 4.2 features

+ Tons of skins

 CONS OF Beautiful Widgets Android :

- Some bugs (most fixed with version 5.0.1)

Download Beautiful Widgets apk 5.0 (no download link for paid app) or you can buy the latest version of Beautiful Widgets Android from the review widget below.