Beat da Beat for Android : Rhythm and Shooting game (Review)


The music-oriented shooting game Beat da Beat hits Android. Dance with the bullet!

Beat da beat, the bullet and rhythm game from Nekki, is a simulation of a dubstep game on which you will fight enemies in space while avoiding their weapons to hit you. Download the game, grab your headphones and let’s shoot and groove to the rhythm of Beat da Beat!

Beat da beat features the music of Waterflame, The biocide, Lone-x, Levelate, and Broadway.

The game is all about saving your other half from the treacherous evil and its claws. Flying enemies, lasers, bullets will fill your phone’s screen and you should do your best to counter attack and avoid your pixelated foes as you shoot to turn those alien enemies into atoms while dancing happily into the beat.

Beat da Beat ($0.75)

Within the game, you will notice that everything— from the enemies’ moves, actions and shoots— is related to the music currently playing. So it is obvious that as the rhythm goes wild there will be outpour of bullets from left and right. Sliding your thumb around the screen controls your movement while you shoot automatically. Though you can move in any direction without penalty. And once you take your finger off the screen, the game will go in slow motion, it doesn’t actually pauses the game. Bullets are still coming but you have the option to extend your slow-motion or to launch a bomb against the enemy. The game offers four difficulty levels and there is a tutorial to get you acquainted with the game.

Beat da Beat Android rythm and shooting game

The tutorial is quite an impressive way to familiarize you with the game so anyone new with this kind of game can easily catch up, be a highly-skilled shooter in no time and advanced on the next level blasting huge quantity of laser on this bullet-hell genre game. Beat da beat is a fun game with regards to patterns and a variety of colourful bullets but it is lacking with a sense of aggression. The enemies basically stay in place which is kinda boring in my point of view.

Although it raises some level of excitement when you try to get some coins because you will have to go through a heavy pour of enemy bullets which are frequently flooding the entire screen. You could use your hard-earned in-game cash to acquire new ships instead of just upgrading your spaceship.

+ Good stuff

  • Pixelart style
  • 4 difficulty modes
  • 10 different spaceships
  • Giant bosses
  • heavy dubstep music
  • slow motion mechanic
  • great pattern and colourful bullets

Game tips:

  • prefer to use your in-game cash to buy new ships instead of upgrading.
  • get closer to the enemies to increase your hit. “Point blank” is a good advantage. Use it.
  • Gun down enemy ships as quickly as you can possible

What we expect on the next Beat da Beat update is the ability of the game to pause once you take your finger off the screen and the enemies could be more aggressive.

– What’s not so good

The pixelated graphics and heavy music could be enough for some users to stick with the game but Beat da Beat is probably missing a lot from new fans looking for more excitement, adventure and control over such games. It’s a nice pixelated, rhythm, shooting game but the shooting itself, being automatic, makes it incredibly flawed. The enemy’s rhythm doesn’t help you avoid them which renders the game actually lifeless.


Download Beat da Beat ($0.75)

Thankfully, Beat da beat currently does not offer in-app purchase. Overall, for US$0.75, Beat da Beat is a game worth keeping on your smartphone or tablet and it is available for both iOS and Android.