Download Battery Doctor Android App to Improve Battery life


Battery life has always been the main concern when it comes to mobile devices. In most cases the most recent smartphones barely last a day and there are even scenarios when the component gets damaged by the different types of usage. For this reason and many others it is wise to use an advanced monitoring tool for the device’s battery.

Download Battery Doctor Android AppThough there are many apps on the Play Store claiming they can double or even triple your battery life, those that have used such solutions are often dissatisfied. That is because most such apps refer to operations that the user can actually perform himself, like turning off WiFi when not in use or dimming the screen brightness. One thing that should be monitored is the battery health and for this we have one accurate instrument to talk about. One of the popular battery saver for android is Battery Defender, but we recommend give a try to Battery Doctor.

Battery Dr saver+a task killer, formerly known as Battery Doctor to save battery or Battery Saver is very good app widely used for the task. Battery DR is an advanced monitoring tool for the mobile devices battery. It is able to indicate Health, Temperature, Technology, Voltage, Status, Current Level and more. Root users also have the very useful option for wiping battery statistics, usually found in the custom recovery menu.

The app includes Power Management(Battery Management),Battery Notifier, Battery Monitor,Power Control,task killer. One of the key feature of Battery DR is it has a built-in Task Killer which allows to kill processes on your Android quickly.

Note: If the app force closes after installing, please Clear the data of Battery Dr on the “Manage Applications” screen or uninstall and reinstall it.

  • kitagila

    Looks cool. Going to give it a try

  • Mickey Mair

    Battery Doctor is an amazing programme, a boom to phone batteries, with proper usage this programme can enhance battery life to lot more than ever imagined. I found it first hand after using it for almost 5 weeks now and who so ever I adviced this programme have nothing else to say but Thanks & also ask me what other such nice programmes have I downloaded on my cell phone.

  • karthimx

    Battery Doctor improves my battery twice as its before. good app for android users.

  • android underground

    How can I get rid of the tweet/+1/like overlay that stays in view no matter where you scroll to? It makes your site almost unreadable on a phone screen.

    • Khlaid Shariar

      Just click on the close button and you won’t see it again