Download Battery Doctor Android App to Improve Battery life


The life-saving battery doctor app is a tech grace for Android users. Extend your android’s battery life with the Battery Doctor app.

We all have been to that awkward moment when our phone chose to go off between conversations. We often find the battery diminishes in just a few hours. Developers have blessed us with their invention, in this case battery doctor app. Technology has the solution to all diseases, so to battery hardships. So if you are facing hard time dealing with your phone battery, get an appointment with Battery Doctor Android App.

We recommend give a try to Battery Doctor app for android:

Battery Doctor is a battery saving app that is absolutely free to download. It helps to encompass battery life of your device up to 50% by ruling apps and settings that drain power on your gadget. Over 330+ million users have been helped by this app and also applauding to use. Just go to Google store and get it:

Battery Doctor Specification:

Professional, easy to use, Battery Doctor keeps your Android phone going longer. The app also provides detailed battery information, and uses unique 3 Stage Charging System to keep your battery healthy.

Battery Doctor features:

• Adjust your power consumption settings and disable unnecessary apps that run down your battery.
• Discover how long your battery will last under a variety of situations
• The unique 3 Stage Charging System allows you to get the most out of your battery, and ensure you don’t overcharge.
• Optimize power consumption with handy widgets
• Disable unnecessary apps that drain battery
• The one tap tasks killer option to Save Power.
• Kill apps when screen is off
• Accurate battery & charging remaining time
• User can even schedule power saving modes for different times and modes.
• CPU Management (for rooted phones)
• Hourly and daily weather forecasts at a glimpse.

+ The Best about Battery Doctor Android app:

Battery Doctor Android App for extended battery life

Battery Doctor is a free and feature-packed battery monitor and energy saving tool for mobile devices. Battery Doctor allows users to quickly check the status of battery charge in addition to identify the apps and processes that are the reasons behind discretion of your battery life. You can clasp the settings of different widgets, such as brightness, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and mobile data to manage the wastage of power. Battery doctor has the ability to define powers saving profiles automatically by setting up timing. Like your phone will routinely switch to airplane mode when you’re asleep or in class if you have scheduled your device or so.

– What’s not so good about Battery Doctor:

No matter how many apps you use to control the draining of battery charge, you must know that these are only add-ons. The apps that will help you to monitor other apps to preserve the power will be expected to have some impacts on your device, more or less. As a multitasking gadget, Android is smart enough to know your most used app and which needs to be running in the background. A task controlling app might not be very helpful as these apps simply reinitialize once force closed by a task manager.


Despite the cons, enjoy the incredible power boosting experience and never worry about your phone battery again! Even with the rip-off of using an extra app to save battery life, you can always enjoy the incredible power heightening experience.

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There are greater apps for saving battery life. If you have used any, share with us on the discussion board. Leave your comment and feedback.

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      Just click on the close button and you won’t see it again

  • Battery Doctor improves my battery twice as its before. good app for android users.

  • Mickey Mair

    Battery Doctor is an amazing programme, a boom to phone batteries, with proper usage this programme can enhance battery life to lot more than ever imagined. I found it first hand after using it for almost 5 weeks now and who so ever I adviced this programme have nothing else to say but Thanks & also ask me what other such nice programmes have I downloaded on my cell phone.

  • kitagila

    Looks cool. Going to give it a try