Basketball Shots 3D Android Download Game. Shoot the ball!

The best basketball game for Android in which you have to throw 25 balls with 5 different positions in less than 60 seconds. Enjoy 3D graphics, realistic physics and addictive game-play. Shoot the ball with your finger, challenge your friends and earn coins.
Basketball Shots 3D features 4 difficulty levels, online leaderboards and challenges.  join in Basketball Shots 3D.

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This fun Android game features 3D graphics worked well, which makes it much more attractive than a simple graphics 2D drawings. The objective is very clear, you must dunk as many shots as possible from different spots on the court. To kick the ball you only need to touch on it and drag your finger across the screen, giving the same speed, as well as direction. You have only 1 minute to take all 25 shots from 5 different positions, so there’s no time to waste. It should be noted that each shot, which at first can be a bit tricky. In addition, the ball moves very naturally, unlike other games where rebounds are unlikely. Although you can start playing right away, we recommend spending some time in the session “Tutorial”. There you will learn the basic commands of the game. There is not much secret in controls, in fact, within minutes you will be fully familiar with, and ready to enter the court.
Basketball Shots 3D features 4 difficulty levels, each difficulty varies markedly, live leaderboards, unlockable achievements and online challenges, adding over 300000 new players every month. Everyone who likes to just throw a basketball from a variety of positions and check their accuracy undoubtedly love Basketball Shots 3D from the first seconds of the game.

Download Basketball Shots 3D Android Game v1.8.9:
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Basketball Shots 3D is a Free Android Game. Download Basketball Shots 3D from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.
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