Bad Piggies : Rovio’s New Android Game, Best After Angry Birds Era

Bad Piggies is a must have android game where now you take the side of pigs from Angry Birds.

After they have created one of the most popular franchises of all time in the mobile, Rovio decided to explore the “dark side” of angry birds and makes a different product. And here is Bad Piggies, the game that put us on the side of the green pigs in their plan to take revenge on those damn grouchy Angry Birds.

Bad Piggies Rovio's New Game is the Best After the Angry Birds Era

Bad Piggies is strikingly different than the previous Rovio titles. There are physical elements each with its own specific weight and interaction level. We get the traditional system of three stars to certify the level of our performance. For the rest we are faced with a puzzle action itself, refined in some of its mechanical properties, which starts with almost a hundred levels. In the coming weeks the developer will further enrich the content, perhaps pointing with even greater emphasis on those that are its extraordinary strengths.

There are three ways that Bad Piggies provides us with: “Ground Hog Day”, “When Pigs Fly” and “Sand-box”. The first sees us build and land vehicles with the aim of collecting certain items to reach the “finish line” in each level. The second way explores possibility of air piglet and thus endows them with balloons, and other assets necessary for flight. Finally the third provides us with all the materials released in the first two to deal with very demanding mixed levels, which should be studied through several sessions of “trial and error” to figure out what form to give our means. At the beginning of each stage we see an overview of the route that we cover, then switch to a simple editor “in boxes” in which we can move objects that are located at the bottom of the screen: cells that may place our pigs, wheels, the aforementioned balloons, fans, bellows, motors etc. After some initial hesitation, it will be a real pleasure to find ways to reach our goal, maybe gently blowing the engine of the vehicle to avoid the pitfalls of the scenario. The technical sector, as usual, is functional to the gameplay: no revolution, but Rovio is now using its recognizable style which is in itself a plus.


Pros of Bad Piggies Android Game:

+ Very addictive gameplay

+ Rovio style graphics

+ Lots of levels with even more to come

Cons of Bad Piggies:

- None

Rovio’s Bad Piggies is a title you will not want to miss. Download it for free by hitting the widget below.


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